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Internet marketing works but it works best when used together with corporate signs that direct your target audience to your business establishment and strengthen your presence in the community. Stand out from the crowd and invest in high-quality signs that only Michigan Custom Signs can provide.

Outshine Your Competition

The key to success in a highly competitive market environment is to consistently shine a light on your business and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. This is easier to achieve when you partner with a reliable Detroit sign company that excels in developing a cohesive signage system that complements your overall marketing efforts. From custom signs that bear your organization’s logo and colors to vehicle wraps that allow you to reach a wider audience, our team of visual communication experts at Michigan Custom Signs can make you outshine your competition.

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Quality That Lasts

No other commercial sign company in Detroit puts in the same amount of dedication to every single project it undertakes than Michigan Custom Signs. We understand how hard you work to provide your customers with only the best products and service and so we commit to providing you with the highest quality signage solution that lasts. The exterior signs we produce are made of durable materials that withstand the harshest conditions. Even our corporate banners and signs are built to carry you through different seasons of trade shows and events, so if you are looking for superior custom apparel, signs and banners printing in Detroit, you have come to the right place.

Outdoor Signs

Attractive and functional exterior corporate signs come with a price so it’s crucial to work only with a Detroit sign company competent enough to handle the project. Architectural signs are especially difficult to get right, yet when done right, they can bring in unimaginable returns on your investment.

Interior Signs

Reception area signs are considered to be your silent sales people. They greet your customers and sell your products and services. How well they do this depends on their positioning and aesthetic value. Make sure your indoor signs are strategically placed and professionally designed to create a lasting positive impression on your customers and guests.

Your Trusted Source of Corporate Signs

Business owners looking for the most reliable sign shop near Detroit should look no further than Michigan Custom Signs. As a full service sign company, we work with each of our clients from planning, design, manufacturing to sign installation to ensure every step of the sign manufacturing process is in accordance to your requirements. We value professional service above all and put premium on customer satisfaction.

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