There are signs and then there are signs that Ignite Your Market. If you are one of the many business owners in Pontiac looking for brand-new commercial signs or trying to refurbish an existing corporate signage system, look no further than Michigan Custom Signs. We are passionate about your business’s success.


We are your local sign company in Pontiac, MI that provides high-quality business signs of all kinds, including vehicle wraps and custom signs, while always providing exceptional service to all our customers.

We bring decades of professional sign-making, marketing, sales, and project management experience to the table. We understand how important it is to make a good first impression on your customers. We say what we do and do what we say, based on the principles of honesty and professionalism. We’re a signage company you can trust.


Regardless of your industry, we have custom signs for your business. We specialize in designing a corporate sign system that complements and furthers your overall marketing goals. These custom business signs may carry the company name, logo, and use your company colors to further strengthen your brand. We‘ve partnered with different industries and organizations in Pontiac, including the following:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Food Service
  • Academia
  • Interior Design
  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Regional Municipalities

If you don’t see yourself on the list above, don’t worry! We are always happy to partner up with new industries and explore which custom options best suit your business’s unique needs. Coming up with new strategies is part of why we love to do what we do.


Reinforce your outdoor signs with an impressive indoor signage system. Custom banners and signs are among the most used messaging tools in Pontiac. They are often chosen for their affordability and versatility.  You can use them indoors to share important information or showcase your latest products. Below are some of the indoor signs you can choose from depending on your needs.

  • Storefront signs
  • Window graphics and decals
  • Wall murals and graphics
  • Indoor banners
  • Interior wayfinding
  • Lobby signs
  • Dimensional letters
  • Channel letters


Get the word out there or show people where to find you with a comprehensive outdoor signage system. Business signs are everywhere but with custom signage that bears a compelling message for your target audience, it’s always easy to stand out. Get visually captivating signs from the best outdoor sign company in Pontiac. From commercial signs and yard signs to imposing architectural signage systems, we have what you need.


If your design is used instead of a pre-made template, any type of sign can be made as a custom sign. In contrast to generic, ready-to-use signs, they are tailored to your company and brand. They frequently display your company’s logo as well as other branding elements. Custom-made signs are distinct from other types of signs because they are designed specifically for your needs. As a result, it is an excellent way to distinguish yourself from the competition. Furthermore, standing out from the crowd effectively increases your company’s visibility.


Our sign-processing services can be customized. Our sign designers create signs that are tailored to your specific needs and reflect your vision. Some companies only need printing services because their designs are complete. Some individuals already have a sign, but it must be maintained and repaired. As a result, we can assist you throughout the procedure by providing:


Michigan Custom Signs is a Pontiac-based full-service sign company specializing in sign design, production, and installation. Our entire team is focused solely on assisting our clients in increasing their visibility and brand awareness, as well as communicating their desired message through visual solutions.


Signage fabrication differs depending on the sign and the materials used. Before the first design concept is finalized, our team will begin producing samples for our client’s approval. Manufacturing of signs will begin once a sample has been approved. If your sign requires permits, we will obtain them before finalizing the design.


We offer signage installation in Pontiac as part of our full-service sign company. The installation of a sign, like the fabrication of signage, is dependent on the type you choose. Before the project is finished, we may need to install specific characters or portions of a sign, secure brackets and mounting, or handle other complicated signage-related tasks.


We take pride in producing some of Michigan’s highest-quality custom signs. As part of our commitment to you, we will handle every step of the process to produce exceptional signage for your company. From consultation to installation, we handle it all!

Let our professional sign makers get that result, whether you’re a new business about to launch or an established Michigan company looking for a completely new signage strategy. We’ll make informed and targeted recommendations to address your stated, implied, and unspoken needs.


Are you still looking for the best sign shop near Pontiac? Look no further than Michigan Custom Signs. We can provide fast service without compromising quality and this sets us apart from other local sign companies in the area.

Call us now for your corporate signage needs. We’d be delighted to give you a quote.

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