Designing Monument Signs: 8 Ideas that Stand Out

Monument Signs

Outdoor signs play an important role in keeping your business visible around your community. There are a lot of outdoor signs to choose from but there is one sign that stands out the most – monument signs.  They are strategically installed along a street to give your business a lot of visibility, ensuring that your brand is being shown.

Monument signs for business are very beneficial. They are highly durable, can withstand harsh weather conditions, and don’t require frequent replacement. These exterior signs are best for showing your business name, tagline, logo, contact numbers, business hours, and other important information. Here at Michigan Custom Signs, we provide high-quality monument signs that will help in increasing your brand identity.

We have compiled different design ideas that will blow your mind.

  • Monochromatic signs

In a professional environment full of colorful pieces, going back to basics can be an attractive option. These simple but eye-catching designs are best for businesses that are just starting and want to make a good impression. They can also be used as landmarks that are easy to remember.

  • Digital monuments

One way of making your business shine is by installing a digital monument. With its digital displays, you can easily project information about your business, promotions, and even weather updates. They are also convenient when there is information you need to update.

  • 360° design

If your business has a big open space, you may want to consider putting in 360° signage as your centerpiece. This kind of design will let anyone, from all directions, see who you are and what you do. You should also try illuminating them to make it easier to see at all hours.

  • Waterworks

For businesses like beach resorts or water parks, you may want to explore design ideas that feature the main line of your business – water. These custom monument signs will definitely attract more potential clients and are connected with your brand.

  • Natural stones

Monument signs can be massive in size, but sometimes being big is just not enough. When you use natural stones, they elevate your signs making them more visible. These signs are recommended for businesses situated near the greens.

  • Wooden monuments

Wood is often a primary material for monument signs. If your business goes after a rustic look, this design idea is for you. These signs are more appealing when coated with varnish.

  • Irregular-shaped signs

This is something out of the ordinary. People are usually drawn to things that are unusual for us. You can create a well-designed monument sign while incorporating your brand to make sure that your exterior look is cohesive with your interior design.

  • Interactive design

If your business has a wide space to utilize, installing an interactive sign is highly recommended. A well-designed sign can also be a good place to click a photo that will help in increasing your brand presence.

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