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High-Quality Custom Social Distancing Signage In Michigan

In light of the global pandemic, social distancing has become the new norm. It is one of the CDC’s rules for health and safety. As such, businesses in Michigan have taken it upon themselves to remind the public about these protocols.

Michigan Custom Signs is committed to helping businesses promote CDC guidelines within their space. This is done through social distancing signage. We offer high-quality COVID-19 social distancing signs and decals for any type of business.

We can customize your signs to reflect your brand to show customers how you care for their safety. Call us today to ask about our social distancing sign options.

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Covid 19 Prevention Sign By Michigan Custom Signs

Types of Social Distancing Signs

  • Floor Signs:- the most used among all sign types. Made with vinyl adhesives, these social distancing graphics on the floor are the perfect way to mark areas to keep your distance.
  • Window Graphics:- printed vinyl material adhered to store or office windows. When positioned at eye-level, they can remind visitors as well as passersby to maintain social distancing
  • Wall Decals:- high-quality vinyl adhesives that can be installed on walls. These can go around key areas of your facility to keep visitors and employees aware of safety protocols.
  • Banners:- freestanding or retractable banners that can be used as social distancing signage posters. These can be spread out in locations with heavier foot traffic.

Benefits of COVID-19 Social Distancing Signs

Everyone is asking to follow proper health protocols during the pandemic. The goal is to take part in preventing the spread of the virus. This makes proper signs important for every business. Here’s how these benefit your business:

  1. Social distancing signs display proper rules based on CDC guidelines.
  2. They let returning employees know about current/updated safety protocols.
  3. Social distancing graphics ensure the safety of both customers and staff.
  4. They provide a safer and more comfortable customer experience. This can lead to repeat purchases as well as referrals.

Your Trusted Sign Company in Michigan

Whether you are a small or large business, social distancing signage is an important addition to your space. Michigan Custom Signs is a full-service sign company that can make customized signs for you. We only use the best materials to produce quality signs that don’t easily fade or wear out.

We’re with you in your goal to keep your business safe. Contact us today about your COVID-19 social distancing sign needs & we’ll give you a free quote! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Social distancing signage is any type of signage that can be used to notify the public when large groups of people are expected in a given area. The main purpose of this is to prevent the spread of contagion among people in mass gatherings or crowded areas, such as airports or bus terminals. 

Businesses can benefit from social distancing signage in several ways. Social distancing signage acts as a reminder to the public that they are entering into an area where preventative measures are being taken against the spread of COVID-19. This is especially useful when advertising for upcoming events, such as seasonal sales or even just for regular business. By reminding potential customers that the event is taking place in an area of reduced risk for COVID-19, more people may be inclined to attend the function. 

Social distancing signage is meant for indoor use. It is beneficial to have them posted near entrances and exits of buildings and in high-traffic areas where many people spend time. They can also be used effectively in places such as businesses, clubs, malls, or bars. 

Signage is made of a reusable material that can be easily removed or replaced. The floor signs are easy to clean and maintain. The signage has a high-gloss finish that only requires the use of mild soap and water to clean. Avoid using any chemicals or abrasive materials on it. 

The costs depend on the size and quantity of signs that you’d like to purchase. There are standard sizes, but we can make them in any custom measurements desired. Ordering more than one sign will bring down the per-sign cost. Learn more about our social distancing signage here.