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If you’ve ever walked into a large commercial space or office building, you know that finding the way to your destination can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming. These massive structures often have dozens, if not hundreds, of different businesses operating within them, which are spread across multiple floors and rooms. These complex floor plans and building protocols can make it hard for businesses to use high-profile signage due to the risk of confusion. Worst of all, many of these places have no concierge service, which means extra time spent wandering around. Not only is this experience frustrating, but it can also entirely derail the customer experience.

As a business owner, this is not the way you want customers starting off their relationship with your brand. First impressions are a massive indicator of future success, so you want to make sure that the experience is as seamless as possible. In this kind of situation, directory signs are your best friend.

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What are Interior Directory Signs?

Just as the name suggests, these signs are used to direct visitors to the desired location within a large business center or office space. Generally positioned just inside the entrance to one of these commercial spaces, building directory signs are a key component to helping customers navigate themselves effectively throughout a large structure.

Office directory signage is large, easy to read, and can accommodate a large number of different business names. These types of signs allow building operators to easily communicate which businesses and services are on which floor and even provide information about the exact unit where they can be found. These navigational tools can be tailored professionally out of a variety of materials, from acrylic interior directory signs to ones made of metal.

Uses of Interior Directory Signs

The most obvious use case for directory signage is to, well, direct. As stated earlier, people are busy in our modern era, and they don’t want to spend time asking building employees to find the business they need. These professionally-made signs also provide a host of benefits to both the individual proprietors in the building and office management companies, including:

  • Improving the customer experience of all visitors
  • Highlighting the professionalism of the building’s ownership
  • Informing customers about any additional services that they may be interested in
  • Much, much more!

Interior Directory Signs in Michigan

If require interior directory signs for offices in the Rochester Hills area and beyond, there’s only one name you need to remember: Michigan Custom Signs. Our team of dedicated sign experts has been helping business, and building owners fulfill their sign needs for years. With a vast array of different sign methods in our toolkit, you can rest assured knowing a high-quality, professional product is guaranteed.

If you have any more questions about the design, production, and installation of custom directory signs, reach out to Michigan Custom Signs today. We’ll walk you through the process and provide you with a comprehensive quote to help with your budgeting. Professional-grade, powerful signage is only a phone call away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital directories usually come with direction-specific signs which display the turn-by-turn details of your movement. For example, “Walk to 1st Floor” or “Exit to Parking”. In many cases, these directories also come with exterior signs displaying the building name, floor numbers, and even destination directions like “Rooftop” or “Parking”. 

The cost of interior directory signs varies greatly because there are so many different ways to design them. Several factors influence the overall cost of the signs, including the style, size, and the material used for construction. For a more accurate estimate, contact us for a quote. 

Backlit interior directory signs are made of either acrylic or aluminum. Aluminum backlit signs will last longer and look better with age; however, they are typically more expensive. Acrylic backlit interior signs have a smooth surface and bright display, but they scratch more easily and can discolor over time. 

The ideal size of a directory sign is 20″ x 30″. This is because it is large enough so that people can see it from a distance and small enough to where it doesn’t take up too much room on the wall. For help making this decision, contact us. We’ll be happy to give our expert advice. 

Many factors go into the making of an interior directory sign. This is mainly because everything is made custom. In general, larger signs take a bit longer to make. But it really all depends on the project. For a more accurate estimate about how long it will take, contact us for a full quote.