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Custom Wall Wraps in Michigan

With personalized wall graphics, you can create limitless branding for your office or store. Wall wraps can help employees and visitors have a more modern experience.

Custom wall wraps are an excellent choice for anyone looking to decorate their space. Vinyl wall wraps for offices are the ultimate marketing tool because they are simple to install, inexpensive, and completely customizable.

Work with a creative team to help you design eye-catching wall decals and wraps. You can order everything for your walls, from memorable quotes to epic vistas.

Michigan Custom Signs is a full-service sign shop that you can rely on. We print, deliver, and install wall signs, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

What Is a Wall Wrap?

Wall wraps are pieces of digitally printed vinyl that are applied to walls to add visual interest. The low cost of wall wraps makes this a cost-effective way to personalize any indoor or outdoor wall. They are ideal for enhancing any retail, office, or home environment.

Previously, interior and exterior spaces were commonly covered with paint or wallpaper. Custom wall wraps are now changing the game in the world of wall coverings. Wall wraps are also useful for changing the look of your business without damaging the surfaces.

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Custom Wall Murals for Business

The Types of Wall Wraps

Interior Wall Wraps

The most common type of wall wraps is those that are applied to your interior wall spaces. They can be installed on almost any type of wall, including curves and corners. Because of their versatility, you can apply them over existing wall finishes to create a unified indoor design.

Interior wall wraps are an excellent way to increase brand awareness in any retail or office setting. Corporate wall wraps can be customized to perfectly match your Michigan business because they are digitally printed.

Exterior Wall Wraps

Wall wraps are an excellent choice for updating your home or company exterior, as well. They’re a great way to match your business theme to your outdoor space, and they’re also highly effective marketing tools.

Outdoor commercial wall wraps are made of weather-resistant materials that can withstand direct sunlight and rain. These can be used on textured walls, including bricks and uneven surfaces. Wall wraps can also be extended to the entire building, including your storefront windows, for a consistent design.

The Uses of Wall Wraps

The versatility of custom vinyl wall wraps makes them ideal to use for many different purposes, including the following:

  • Marketing: Custom vinyl wraps are an excellent marketing tool for any Michigan company. Your walls are an excellent place to showcase your product line in order to entice visitors and build customer interest. Installing them outside can also draw the attention of passersby.
  • Wayfinding: Wall wraps are excellent for providing direction. Allow customers to easily navigate your space by using wall wraps that direct them to key areas in your facility.
  • Motivation: Vinyl wall wraps for offices are ideal for creating a pleasant working environment. Filling your walls with your company’s mission and vision communicates to employees that they are a part of something significant. Using inspirational quotes to decorate your office space is another great way to keep your team motivated and productive.

The Cost of Wall Wraps

These are low-cost signs that can be customized according to your brand’s preference. The prices vary depending on how big or small your wrap is. The complexity of the design, the materials to be used, and the manpower are just some of the other factors to be considered for price packages.

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Allow the team at Michigan Custom Signs to assist you if you’re looking for something unique to help set your Michigan business apart. We are eager to assist you in transforming your space and making your walls the talk of the town.

We can create wall wraps that showcase your company and generate interest in your products and services by using high-quality products and expert installation. Are you ready to begin? Please contact us and let us know what you require!

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