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Whether it’s in a residential or commercial building, nobody likes being in a room with drab, boring walls. When people enter your space, you want them to feel excited and ready to engage. In many cases, even paint is often not enough to bring up the energy level of a room or building. Luckily, printing technology allows us to leverage these traditionally plain spaces into creative canvases for aesthetically pleasing wall murals!

Murals, whether printed designs or images, cover an entire wall with professionally created artwork. People often use the term wall murals interchangeably with wall decals, but they’re a bit different since decals only cover portions of wall areas. On the other hand, full-size designer wall murals are an imposing sight in all the best ways.

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One of the most obvious benefits: peel and stick wall murals are highly customizable. These can be easily designed to match or complement your existing branding strategy or be used to launch a new marketing strategy. Full wall murals are not just limited to incorporating your logo and slogan. You can also infuse new elements that will help potential customers and visitors relate to your brand.

For example, if you own a bakery, a mural displaying different French pastries could be a great way to get customers hungry for your product. Removable wall murals can also communicate your brand’s story and message to your target market. Use wall murals to display your history, mission, social work, ethical practices, and all the other aspects of your company ethos that will make customers that much more interested in engaging with your brand.

Business wall murals also help increase the foot traffic inside your establishment. It’s common for consumers to flock to places that have “Instagram-worthy” spots, and that’s exactly what stylish wall murals provide. People love sharing cool and unique photos on their social media, which in turn sparks the curiosity of family, friends, and other followers when they see your mural.

You can capitalize on this by installing artsy murals in your store or shop. Having them will add to your establishment’s overall aesthetic and ambiance and ultimately contribute to an increase in your digital footprint and total sales.


Peel and stick murals are easier to install, maintain, and replace than traditional wall paint. The latter requires several layers of application and several days to completely dry, unlike the former that doesn’t have any of these problems. If you invest in well-made, durable, then you don’t have to keep replacing them. In other words, you’re saving on time and money when you opt for printed murals.

Murals offer more variety when it comes to design and texture. 3D mural wallpaper has become increasingly popular because of its striking appearance. If you want to get people talking about your business, then having 3D wall murals is the way to go.

Did you know that you can install murals on your doors as well? Make your entry or exit way more interesting by covering them with a mural. Establishments like spas, that have rooms for specific kinds of treatment, can utilize door murals to decorate each of the doors.


Having beautifully designed imagery on your walls is not just something that benefits your business. Homeowners are increasingly turning to ultramodern designs and custom aesthetics to provide unique value within their residential space. This not only helps with resale, but also allows for an exciting focal point for parties and other events.

With the real estate market in Michigan and many places across the United States experiencing drastic increases in valuation, canvas wall murals are a great way for you to squeeze some extra juice out of future sales. HGTV and other home renovation networks show how prevalent feature walls are becoming in the interior design business. As this trickles down into the rest of the real estate market, buyers will increasingly be won over by this kind of unique display.

If you’re not looking to sell, these beautiful wallpapers still offer an immense improvement over the classic paint or wallpaper methods. For areas like living rooms or hallways, professionally designed images can completely transform the feel and look of your space. These focal points are great conversation-starters, liven up all events, and will make you more satisfied with the overall appearance of your home!


Michigan Custom Signs specializes in producing the highest quality custom wallpaper murals for commercial and residential spaces. We take pride in doing our work efficiently and in the most professional manner possible. We understand how valuable time is, which is why we do our best to accomplish tasks and milestones right on schedule. Some of the ways in which we achieve this is by understanding the needs and expectations of our clients so that we’re able to meet or even exceed them.

Are you ready to transform your establishment and experience excellent service? Contact us today to learn more about our wall murals design and installation! 

Frequently Asked Questions

The image must have at least 200 dpi when enlarged to its final size. If you want the mural to have excellent detail when up close, make sure that the picture has 300 dpi. If your company wants to take the photos on your own, be sure to use a 12-megapixel camera to achieve the best results.

A smooth and even surface is preferred for maximum longevity and visual impact. However, you can still install these decals onto rough surfaces such as brick, concrete, and grooved metal.

Yes, so long as you have a digital copy of your design, you can have it printed on textured wallpaper.

A top-grade polyvinyl varnish will act as a layer of protection against liquids. Regular dusting and maintenance will extend the life span of your wallpaper. Michigan Custom Signs also recommends an archival matte varnish that is water-based and clear. This will not only protect your mural but will also prevent it from turning yellowish as years go by.

The most efficient way is using a blow-dryer and gradually increasing its temperature. You must start at the top corner of the mural and get it warm to the touch. After which, you need to carefully remove the vinyl sheet at a 45-degree angle.

Position each panel in its corresponding order. Mark the surface with straight lines while ensuring that the panels are straight across the lines. Next, stick the mural from the corners and smooth out the center area to remove bubbles. Don’t forget to remove excess adhesive with warm water and a sponge. Be very careful in doing this step so that your murals will not move, misalign, and have ripples. For a hassle-free experience, you can rely on Michigan Custom Signs instead.

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