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It is an all-too-familiar sight: a yard sign stuck into the lawn in front of a house in a friendly neighborhood. These signs often follow the same pattern of information and color coordination. But, next to a name and a phone number, the sign most importantly reads these simple words: “For Sale.” Soon after, when you pass by again, those words are often pasted over with another single word: “Sold.” Real estate signs are a part of every neighborhood, like crosswalks and trees, family-friendly cars, and hedges. However, most daily interaction is limited to brief glimpses by those passing by. Since these signs are often very similar, it is hard to stand out. Therefore, if you want your custom real-estate yard signs to stand above the rest, you’ve got to contact the experts at Michigan Custom Signs.

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Not All Real Estate Signs Are Created Equal

Whether commercial or private, real estate signs are exposed to the elements for a relatively long time. These signs, therefore, need to be durable and weather resistant. Additionally, different areas and municipalities may have different regulations as to the sign’s size or colors.

Of course, readability and branding are imperative. At the same time, you want your real estate signs and banners to stand out. Real estate agents’ reputation is their lifeblood but building a reputation can take time. A remarkable real estate yard sign not only provides the necessary information for those interested in buying a house. They also sell your brand and personality to future prospective clients. A real estate sign with your name and face can propel you ahead of the competition.

Depending on a district’s regulations, you may not be allowed to add personal images and different formats. Therefore, we recommend familiarizing yourself with your district’s regulations ahead of time. At Michigan Custom Signs, we provide signs of any format and design to ensure that your real estate sign fits the requirements for your district. We take pride in creating the most professional and noticeable real estate signs in and around Michigan.

Custom Real Estate Signs Can Make A Difference

Real estate signs can look uniform which may confuse potential customers and clients. It is therefore essential for your real estate signs and banners to stand out in some way. Perhaps a professional-looking picture or different color coordination can make you stand out from the masses. An eye-catching sign will not only attract potential buyers but will also be memorable to potential clients passing by.

The experts at Michigan Custom Signs can provide you with your custom real estate signs and banners. Thanks to our combined experience in sales, marketing, and project management we are able to guide you through the entire sign-making process and provide you with expert support on all aspects, from design to manufacturing, and installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Real estate signs are installed in specific spots with high traffic to gain as many daily impressions as possible. They indicate that specific properties are for rent, sale, or lease. Realty companies and agents use them to establish their legitimacy and help potential customers reach them for inquiries.

Lightweight aluminum and corrugated plastic Coroplast are some of the most common materials used for realty signs.

The first step is to affix and hammer the metal frame on the ground to secure the signage in place. This is considered the most crucial step of the process. After which, a wooden post is attached to the frame. Next, the metal frame is installed horizontally on a vertical wood post. With Michigan Custom Signs, you don’t have to worry about this step. Our installation team will expertly put your signage in place while making sure that it is highly resistant to the outdoor elements.

“For Lease”, “For Sale”, and “Open House” are a few of the simplest yet most common details that realty signs indicate. Sometimes it also includes the real estate company’s name, realty agent’s name, directional cues, and contact information.

There are several factors that will contribute to your total expenditure. Give us a call today to learn more.

Some of their most common dimensions include 12″x18″, 18″x24″, 24″x36”. Sometimes, they can even be as big as 4”X8”.

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