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When you own a retail business or other commercial space, storefront windows are often an afterthought. It’s not hard to see why; people tend to think of them as “just another” feature of a building, like walls and floors. With little thought put into leveraging windows for promotional purposes, these spaces are often left empty as missed opportunities to promote your brand and business. It’s time to start taking advantage of your glass storefronts or windows by reaping the many benefits of window graphics!

Custom window graphics for business have been in use for several years and have gotten even better these days due to the latest in digital printing technology. Our in-house team of graphic experts at Michigan Custom Signs can walk you through the basic and advanced features of these versatile visual communication tools as well as our state-of-the-art color management system.

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How Window Decals and Graphics Help Boost Your Business

Window signs are a powerful way to catch the attention of passersby, enticing them to look into your brand, step into your commercial space, and buy your products or services. Whether located inside a strip mall or a standalone building with windows facing the street, an attractive storefront will give your business a competitive advantage.

Business window graphics in Novi, Rochester Hills, Michigan are a great way to supplement the branding of your storefront signage or provide important information to customers. Below are ways storefront window graphics can help boost your business:

● Advertise your products and services in an attention-grabbing manner
● Announce sales and promotions in a format more visible to pedestrians and commuters
● Publicize store hours and contact details for increased customer awareness
● Strengthen your branding through professionally designed custom imagery
● Save on advertising costs by placing promotional content in a location with high customer contact.

Vinyl window graphics and decals are perfect options if you intend to display information such as store hours and contact details. Not everyone walking by has the time to drop by your store but sharing your business phone number or website address in captivating and easy-to-remember decals will allow potential customers to get in touch with you when the time comes. Or, if your office has a conference room with glass walls, you can add graphics to create an elegant etched-glass look.
Window Signage: A Smart Way to Advertise Street-facing storefronts with large glass windows can utilize full window decals to advertise products and services while also protecting their interiors at the same time. The sun’s UV rays can penetrate glass and cause premature damage to furniture, wooden floors and carpets, and even your merchandise. Not to mention the discomfort it can cause to your customers and employees or the added energy costs for air conditioning.

Applying custom window graphics that work both as advertising materials and a UV shield for your interiors is a perfect way to increase efficiency and help you save money. These window graphics and signs for business are digitally printed in various colors, sizes, and shapes, making it easier for you to develop a design that matches your aesthetics and overall visual marketing strategy.

Mobile Advertising with Rear Window Graphics

These window graphics are all well and great, but what exactly are you supposed to do if you don’t have any customer-facing windows to brand? If you’re a business owner who provides services out of a centralized location, don’t sweat it, Michigan Custom Signs also offers graphics that can be fitted to the rear windows of your entire vehicle fleet!

Vehicle wraps and graphics in Novi, Rochester Hills, Michigan have become an increasingly popular advertising method over the past decade, and there’s no surprise why. A well-designed rear window graphic allows you to turn all your company vehicles into mobile billboards. Every day, dozens upon dozens of customers will be directly exposed to your promotional content while commuting — not to mention the people who will see it while you’re parked providing services.

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Advertising Solutions with Michigan Custom Signs

Regardless of the products or services you provide, there’s no doubt that window graphics for business unlock valuable marketing capabilities for your company. At Michigan Custom Signs, we’ve been providing businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to Fortune 500 enterprises, with the signage solutions they need to succeed.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your brand marketing journey, contact us today for a quote. There’s no business in the state more qualified to meet the unique promotional needs of your business than Michigan Custom Signs! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Window graphics are graphics, images, artwork, or words, printed on vinyl that can be installed on your windows for customers and passers-by to see. The background is transparent so you still have light through the window, and can see through it. These window graphics can display a store name, slogan, logo, or anything you want.

Yes. You can see through window graphics because the background is transparent.

Window graphics are custom designed by a professional graphics designer. You can bring a picture for the designer to use or describe what you want so the designer can create your custom window graphics.

Once the graphics are designed, then they are printed on vinyl material with an adhesive. The graphics will stick to your window but can be removed when you’re ready to make a change.

The window graphics are actually printed on transparent vinyl that has an adhesive that will stick to glass. Once printed, it’s best to have them installed by a professional from Michigan Custom Signs.

A window graphic’s cost varies widely depending on size, complexity, and labor hours it takes to make it. When you are ready to order your window graphic, Michigan Custom Signs will give you a price quote for your design.

In general, window graphics can last up to five years. But they can fade if exposed to sunlight over time. When getting your quote from Michigan Custom Signs, ask how long they expect your window graphic to last in the location you are planning to install it.

A decal is another name for a window graphic that adheres to a window. A “decal window” is any window surface that utilizes this kind of signage.

Window decals can be installed inside or outside your window, but they’ll likely have a longer lifespan inside the window.

Window graphics are an excellent option for storefronts for these reasons. They are:

• Easy to see by someone who walks or drives by.
• Transparent allowing you to see outside and passers-by to see the inside of your shop. You can still have window displays of your products that people can see.
• Cost-effective.
• Easily installed and uninstalled.
• You can use the window graphic to display your store name and logo.
• Unique to your business and enhance your branding.

The best option is to have Michigan Custom Signs remove your window graphics. For more information or to get a quote on custom window graphics, contact us.

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