Designing or redesigning your space in Novi, Rochester Hills, Michigan? Business door signs are an important component of your overall design and marketing strategies, providing navigational assistance to your clients and improving their experience while they’re in your building. Door signs also offer an opportunity to introduce your organization to your target market as they pass by, making it a low-cost chance to advertise who you are and what you do.

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Types of Door Signs for Michigan Businesses

There are several types of signs commonly used for Michigan businesses, and most organizations will use a combination of door signs to achieve their customer service and advertising goals.

Vinyl Door Signs

Vinyl door graphics are one of the most versatile options: 

  • Vinyl door signs can be used on any door, including glass, wood, or metal doors and both interior and exterior doors.
  • Vinyl can be cut to cover the entire door or part of the door. If you’re looking to block light or provide privacy, vinyl decals can be applied without blocking light or obstructing the view at all.
  • Vinyl comes in any colors, fonts, sizes, and designs you need to match your brand.

Vinyl door signs are commonly used for interior and exterior business entrances. 

Changeable Door Signs

Changeable door signs are permanently installed near the office door but include a removable insert so that the label can be changed when the function or incumbent of the room changes. These are frequently used in non-profit settings, schools, hospitals, and other organizations where flexibility is key, and the functionality of a space depends on class size, current projects, or other factors that change frequently.

Changeable door signs ensure signage is always an accurate reflection of the layout of your organization without incurring additional costs after each office move or change.

Engraved Door Signs

Engraved office signs or nameplates consist of a metal frame and an engraved metal or acrylic insert. Both color and font are customizable, but engraved signs are inherently more formal in nature than vinyl door signs and changeable door signs. These signs are typically used to identify who is working out of a specific office and are used in traditional, professional industries.

door signs
door signs

FAQs About Office Door Signs in Michigan Businesses

A door sign is a sign installed on or next to a door in your business.

Door signs on the entrance to the business are used to identify the business and hours of operations, while interior door signs usually identify the purpose or incumbent of the room or office.

The cost of a door sign depends on the type of door sign you select and other factors, like size, color, and complexity.

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