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Most entrepreneurs only think of investing in signs that have marketing purposes such as channel letters and monument signs. But your business is more than just marketing, you also have to handle daily operations. Parking signs in Novi, Rochester Hills, Michigan can help you with that part of your business as well. Let our signs tell your customers where to park while you take care of the more important things.

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Why Invest in Custom Parking Signs for Your Business?

Parking signs are important to help keep things running smoothly on your property. Well-made parking signage that is visible even from a certain distance will help make it easy to navigate your parking lot. You can also use this kind of signage to reserve spots for employees that you use as rewards for them when it’s time for recognition or you could use the reserved sports as an incentive for special customers that bring you repeat business.

Other Types of Custom Parking Signs for Your Establishment in Michigan, US

Reserved parking signs let the public know that certain areas are intended for specific individuals to park their vehicles, such as paying customers, suppliers, and owners. First-time or potential customers typically look for these signs before choosing to enter an establishment. Thus, having them will certainly be advantageous to your business. Event parking signs, on the other hand, guide guests, sponsors, and organizers to where they can park their vehicles safely.

Temporary no parking signs can be used for events as well. They’re typically made from lightweight materials such as PVC, vinyl, plastic, and canvas. Considering that they’re intended for short-term use only, you can’t expect them to be weather-resistant or to be hard-wearing. However, if you work with the right company, your signage should still be high-quality and durable.

Lastly, you can also have “private property, no parking” signs made to protect the spare or extended lots of your business. These come in handy if your establishment is still under construction.


If you’re looking for a reliable sign company in the area, then Michigan Custom Signs is your answer. We take pride in producing the highest quality no parking signs and custom parking signs for commercial establishments and in providing the most professional level of customer service.

Your time is valuable, which is why we stay on schedule, from initial meetings to installation. We make a conscious effort in understanding and uncovering the needs of our clients so that we’re able to deliver what is expected of us.

We don’t just specialize in creating printable parking signs in Novi, Rochester Hills, Michigan, we can create whatever business signage you need to reach your customers and get them more engaged with your brand.

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