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We live in an era of political differences. Though, despite our differences in opinion on so many things, the democratic political process is something we still share. Whenever elections roll around the corner, campaigns roll out their “Vote for” signs and pass out “I voted” stickers.

Whether you are part of a campaign or you just want to show your support to a social or political cause: custom political signs are a great way to show your colors and spread awareness.

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Different Signs, Different Messages

Political statements are made in various ways and expressed in many different forms. Most prominent during election season are political yard signs. But while those are very prominent, they are by far not the only form of political signs out there. From inexpensive political signs that can be manufactured en mass and handed out during political events and rallies to political stickers for vehicles – political statements are available from expensive and durable to cheap and disposable.

What Are the Benefits of Political Signs?

Those running for office are aware of essential elements leading up to the election. Exposure and name recognition are two of the most vital aspects of every successful campaign. The latter is carried in large part through repetition.

Exposure can come in many forms: public events or grassroots efforts can actively achieve exposure, while exposure can also be earned through media coverage. Either way, exposure is an important step towards broad name recognition.

Especially at the local level, name recognition is key to winning an election. Political signs, therefore, have the power to make or break a campaign. The likelihood of winning increases with visibility and awareness, simply by being the more familiar name. So, the more signage with a candidate’s name, the better it is for the campaign.

Political Sign Regulation

Of course, the arena of political campaigns and political signs and stickers is not an anything-goes battlefield. There are specific political sign regulations that a political sign company must adhere to. For example, political candidates require the approval of adjacent property owners before placing a sign. Further, all political signs must be removed before or up to ten days after the election. Regulations may vary from district to district as well, so make sure to check your local regulations before designing custom political signs.

Political Sign Company in Rochester, Michigan

When it is time to plan your campaign, and look for a political sign company in Michigan, contact the signage experts at Michigan Custom Signs. We can provide you with all sorts of political signage, from political signs and stickers to inexpensive political signs and much more. Thanks to our combined experience in sales, marketing, and project management, we are able to guide you through the entire sign-making process and provide you with expert support on all aspects, from design to manufacturing and installation.

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