Hanging signs hang from above and serve a variety of purposes inside and outside of your business.

Common Types of Hanging Signs

While customers rarely think of hanging signs when planning their space, almost every customer realizes throughout the design process how critical hanging signs can be to fulfilling their goals. Many businesses use hanging signs in some capacity.

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Indoor Hanging Signs

Indoor hanging signs are intended for indoor use. Think about the larger-than-life produce sign at your local grocery store or the navigational signs directing you to Terminal B at the airport. These signs come in many forms to serve hundreds of purposes.

Indoor hanging signs can be made of plastic, metal, vinyl, aluminum, acrylic, wood, foam core ultra, or other materials. They hang from the ceiling, so they’re visible above foot traffic, shelves of inventory, and other visual barriers. These custom hanging signs are most often used to point customers in the right direction – like the produce section of a grocery store or Terminal B at the airport – but they can also be used for advertising or branding purposes.

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Outdoor Hanging Signs

Consider the last time you took a stroll downtown and decided to make a stop at a specific store. From the sidewalk under the awnings, it’s difficult to find the store you’re looking for. The awnings block the channel letters at the storefront, but if there was a blade sign or a hanging sign at the storefront, in addition to traditional lettering, you’d be able to find your destination quickly, even from the sidewalk.

Exterior hanging signs are designed to make your store visible to foot traffic. They’re almost always used in coordination with traditional storefront signage and hung perpendicular to the building. Unless you choose a blade sign, which is immobile, your hanging sign can sway – giving it character and drawing the attention of passersby.

Hanging Door Signs

Finally, you might consider a custom hanging sign for your front door to indicate when you’re open, closed, away for lunch, full, accepting clients, or other statuses depending on your business. Personalized hanging signs can help you communicate with your customers quickly and easily, saving them time and improving their first impression of your business and their overall experience.


FAQs About Office Door Signs in Michigan Businesses

A hanging sign is any sign that hangs either inside or outside your business.

Hanging business signs are often used to identify aisles, departments, or sections of a department store inside or identify the business for foot traffic outside.

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