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If you have an existing business or are considering starting one, it isn’t uncommon to wonder what is a business sign and what it can do for you. You may be familiar with the standard exterior business signs and lighted business signs, but so many more types of signage exist. Each one of them serves a specialized purpose in elevating your brand and bringing in more business.

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Starbucks Dimensional Letters By Michigan Custom Signs
Starbucks Dimensional Letters By Michigan Custom Signs

Types of Business Signs

Custom business signs are used not only as exterior business signs but also as interior business signs, trade show graphics, and vehicle wraps. Michigan businesses also use banners, window signs, lobby signs, and more. Even that sign pointing out the restroom is considered a business sign.

Uses for Business Signs

Every sign serves a purpose, but the biggest impact on your business is always brand perception. A vehicle wrap announces to the world that you exist all over town. That lighted sign in the lobby tells customers that this is a business that considers all of the details. At a trade show, sometimes the best-looking booth and corporate signs win, which can mean new appointments or a sales boost for months. 

Some uses for business signs around Michigan are:

  • Dimensional letters that pop and convey a valuable brand.
  • Wall and window graphics that serve in both functional and marketing capacities.
  • Wall murals that go above and beyond what a customer could have ever expected when walking into your business.
  • Lobby signs can further reinforce your brand or even be functional signs pointing a customer in the right direction.
  • A wrapped truck or trailer serves as a mobile billboard for everyone else to see.
  • A lit exterior sign that helps customers find you during those long Michigan winter nights.

Business signs have a myriad of purposes, from the mundane to the big and bold, but every single one of them tells clients and customers that you do things right. 

The Cost of Business Signs

Commercial signs can vary dramatically in size, materials, functions, and purpose. There is no one size fits all sign and no one price point. What matters most is conveying the message your business wants to get out there with a sign medium and price that works for you. It can be a $100 banner or a $5,000 exterior sign or anything in-between, but sign experts like those at Michigan Custom Signs have worked with every type of business and budget. They can guide you along the way.

Ballys Dimensional Signage for Business
Ballys Dimensional Signage for Business

Where Can I Get Business Signs Near Me?

Michigan Custom Signs serves businesses all over the state. It can seem overwhelming to consider all of the uses and types of business signs. Our experts can help you find the solutions that fit and provide the product and look you want. Whether a trailer wrap or wall mural, every sign has a purpose, and we have a sign to serve every one of them.

call today for a free consultation with one of our business sign experts will start you down the road to greater brand exposure and higher perceived brand value.

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