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Directional Signs in Michigan

As the name implies, directional wayfinding signs help people find their way to your business establishment and navigate your spaces with ease. A well-planned and professionally designed signage system allows customers and visitors to enjoy their experience within your business environment. Inadequate signs or the lack thereof, on the other hand, may cause confusion and result in unpleasant feelings of uncertainty, leaving people lost or inconvenienced. Don’t allow customers to associate your brand with unpleasant feelings. Invest in a signage program that supports your success.

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Choices for Wayfinding Signs

Whether you are looking to develop a wayfinding signage program for a commercial or residential complex or a set of temporary event directional signs for an upcoming product launch, our visual communication specialists at Michigan Custom Signs can help you go beyond 2D plain arrows and sign boards. 3D letters and branded reflective arrow signs are better at giving directions and introducing your brand to your target market.

Commonly Used Materials

We carry a wide variety of materials and design templates for all our signs but some of the more popular signage materials are the following:

  • Aluminum
  • Acrylic
  • Plastic
  • Vinyl


Some of the options for directional signage are:

If you don’t find the type of sign or material you need in the list above, we can always customize and find the perfect solution that fit your requirements.

The personalized real estate directional signs we manufacture are popular among realtors in the real estate industry as well as interior designers and architects due to their elegance and durability. Custom directional signs that carry your logo and company colors don’t only point people to your location and guide them through your built environment but they also establish your identity in the community, thereby strengthening your brand.


Michigan Custom Signs excels in planning a comprehensive directional signage system that works for your unique business needs. From branded directional arrows that increase foot traffic to your establishment to well-planned interior directional signs, we make sure everything is tailor-made for your company’s marketing needs. We make a point of following four key factors of directional signage:

  • Clear graphic communication – we make sure your signs are easily visible and consistent.
  • Consistent audible communication – this is achieved through standardizing how your signage refers to various areas.
  • Effective tactile communication – your wayfinding signs should have braille when appropriate.
  • Consistent clues – all your signs have to work together and say the same thing to make it clear how to get around your space.

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