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Few things are more important for a business than knowing that customers can find their offices or retail location. Commercial building signs matter more than all other forms of signage for many businesses. They are often the first type of signage considered by new companies. Custom building signs serve many functions for a business.

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Custom Channel Letter Signs for Business

What is Building Signage?

Any sign attached to the exterior of a building is a building sign. Business building signs can be anything from a prominent logo, building number, or the sign that says “no smoking.” Many exterior building signs will require permits before their installation can move forward. Michigan landlords and building owners may also limit sign usage, like the use of lighted building signs.

Types of Building Signs

The types of exterior building signs can vary substantially. As mentioned above, many business owners will start with a large sign that announces their location and exposes their brand to customers. This is often in the form of channel lettering for a 3-D effect. Other types of building signs you’ll see in Michigan are fascia signs, hanging signs, blade signs (signs sticking out from the building at a 180-degree angle), banners, flags, and metal signs for practical uses.

Uses for Building Signs

Building signs have one purpose that comes before all others; branding. A big, beautiful sign tells customers and clients that your business is legitimate, an established brand, and focused on quality. Nothing matters more than using signage to convey an important message to Michigan customers that increases the perceived value of the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.

Building signs also have practical uses. Commercial building signs tell your Michigan customers where to park, identify the delivery area, and convey the building address or number. They might even be used to designate a smoking area or direct customers to the entrance.



Exterior building signs can range tremendously in size. They may include lighting and be anything from a small metal sign to large channel letters specifically shaped for your brand and logo. The cost of building signs comes down to the cost of not properly branding your Michigan company or making the lives of customers easier when dealing with your business. These costs aren’t directly reflected on your books but always result in increased sales and the increase of brand value.

Ask yourself, “What do the signs on buildings near me look like?” and check out other businesses and the signs of competitors. This practice will give you a great start on how you want your sign to look.

Michigan Custom Signs has experts in building signs that can help you navigate what signs work best for your business and fit into your budget. There are few decisions more important than making sure your business has the right building signs installed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The size of a building sign should be based on how far you want it to be seen. In some cases, the rule is one inch tall for every twenty-five feet of distance. 

The sign in front of a building is called a storefront sign but it depends on the location that determines what term is used. If the letters can be changed, it can also be called a changeable copy panel.

Building signs are made of different materials, including acrylic, PVC, plastic, aluminum, wood, metal, or LED. These signs can be configured to what you need but may have special recommendations based on usage, color, etc.

It could be called a fascia, marquee, or wall sign. The language used is sometimes based on where it is installed on the building. There are instances where the letters can be changed. In these cases, those signs are also known as changeable copy panels.

Building signs are made from wood, metal, plastic, aluminum, PVC, acrylic, or digital and can be configured to different sizes.

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