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Metal signs can have an elegance to them. They certainly have a long history. Metal is one of the most traditional materials for making signs because it is hard to break, damage, or destroy. However, that isn’t the best reason to design personalized metal signs for your business. The best reason is how amazing they look and the style they add to your business.

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What is a Metal Sign?

Metal has been used for signs for some time, mainly because certain metals were inexpensive and sturdy, like aluminum. However, with the developments in modern technology and techniques for making signs, metal signs have changed. Old vintage metal signs were usually painted on the metal, usually steel. They usually featured a company logo or a person using the company’s products or services with a slogan. They also sometimes had hammered textures on the edges or different elements of the design.

Modern metal signs are very different. Many are used for lettering on office entryways or reception areas. Metal is very professional looking with an authoritative feel. Often companies that provide professional services like law firms, dentist and doctor offices, colleges, and universities have their names, lettering, or logo designed in three-dimensional wall signs.

23 Metal Address Signage for Business
23 Metal Address Signage for Business

Metal Signs for Business

Metal signs are great for business offices, especially if you work in a professional field like accountants. Metal lettering looks great, holds up well, and gives clients a subtle feel of expertise. And if you are a professional, having your client’s trust is quite important.

Aluminum Metal Signs

Most metal signs are made from aluminum today. Aluminum is relatively lightweight, easier to work with than steel, and it doesn’t rust. Aluminum can be used for flat signage, but aluminum signs are used for three-dimensional lettering often. They can have a polished sheen but also a matte finish which looks great on a wall sign.

Outdoor Metal Signs

There are many uses for metal signs, including outdoor advertising, wayfinding signs, and branding. Parking and street signs are usually made of metal because it holds up well in all kinds of weather. Michigan Custom Signs can make large metal signs or smaller ones for parking and other outdoor areas for your business.

The Cost of Metal Signs

Like most custom signage, the cost of metal signs can range depending on the sizing, types of metal signs needed, labor hours, and materials needed to produce metal signs. The best way to find out pricing on custom metal signs is to get a quote from Michigan Custom Signs.

How to Decide if You Want a Metal Sign

Sometimes the hardest choice is deciding on the material for your custom signage. The best way to decide is by seeing completed signs in other businesses or samples that your sign producer has on display. Metal has unique qualities that make it stand out when used for signage. You can compare metal to other materials to help you determine if the metal is best for your needs.

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Logo Mockup Collection by Asylab
Logo Mockup Collection by Asylab

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