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How Modern Monument Signs Benefit Your Michigan Business?

Monument signage is a type of outdoor sign installed on the ground. It can be used by a single company or by a multi-tenant establishment such as shopping centers. Because it’s lower to the ground, people walking or driving by can see it easily. These entrance signs are intended to be extensions of your brand, which is why they must complement your branding strategy. For this to be successful, you must choose the right kind of signage material that suits your needs.

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Monument Signs for Your Michigan-based Establishment

If you’re envisioning a sign that looks rustic, then wood monument signs are the way to go. When coated with an attractive varnish, it will have even greater longevity. To keep its integrity longer, it does require some consistent maintenance.

If you’re looking for a sign that requires less maintenance, it’s better if you opt for brick monument signs. They’ll provide a similarly elegant look, with less need for maintenance to protect your investment.

Foam monument signs are also cost-effective since it’s easier to copy intricate design details for a fraction of a cost, the installation process takes half the time, and the material itself is more affordable than its counterparts. What’s even more impressive is its durability since it can withstand up to 180 mph winds and have a 5-year guaranteed lifespan.

Illuminated monument signs are great for round-the-clock advertising. They are perfect for establishments that are open until the evening or even those that just want to maximize their advertising efforts. With this, you’re sure to have an edge over competitors.

Why Businesses Should Invest in Monument Signs?

Monument signage is known for being built to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it a great cost-efficient investment since it doesn’t have to be replaced often. Plus, it’s less expensive than social media advertisements, billboards, and other modes of advertising since you’re not charged for airtime, rent, and impressions.

These signs are not just ideal for showcasing your business name, slogan, and logo, but also other relevant information about your business including contact number, store or office hours, and tenants, among other things. Custom monument signage can also function as a landmark for those who are either trying to find your establishment or something else nearby. Considering the size of this kind of signage, it will be easier to spark the curiosity of passers-by, to bring more foot traffic in your establishment, and to ultimately increase your overall sales.

What’s the Most Reliable Sign Company in Michigan?

Michigan Custom Signs takes pride in providing the highest quality service and commercial signage in the area. If you choose to work with us, you can be certain that you won’t be wasting time or money. What makes us different from others is our eagerness to uncover and understand the needs of our clients. From traditional to modern monument signs, we can do it all!

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