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When it comes to making a big statement for your Michigan business, it’s hard to beat the commanding luxury of a professional monument sign. Unlike the more traditional forms of signage, these beautiful constructions are installed away from the actual building they promote and are generally placed near the entryway into a business area or campus. They Incorporate a range of different building materials into the overall design, allowing sign specialists to match this promotional signage to the current exterior of a commercial space to greatly improve brand cohesion and professionalism. Simply put: custom monument signs in Novi, Rochester Hills, Michigan are one of the most effective forms of promotion out there. Here’s why!

One of the most important components of monument signage is that it can be architecturally designed. Unlike other types of signage that use vinyl, plastic, and electricity, architectural monument signs are actually made out of the same materials that are used to construct commercial buildings. In addition to providing lots of options for customization, these signs also create a sense of importance and permanence around a business or business complex. Here are just a few of the benefits that you’ll receive when you invest in the services of a monument signs company in Novi,  Rochester Hills, Michigan. 

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Monument signage is a type of outdoor sign installed directly on the ground. It can be used by a single company or by a multi-tenant establishment such as shopping centers. Because it’s strategically placed lower to the ground and at eye level, people walking or driving by can see it easily. Monument signs are intended to be extensions of your brand, which is why they must compliment your branding strategy. For this to be successful, you must choose the right kind of signage material that suits your needs, budget, and goals.

Just like the materials used within a restaurant help to set the mood and match overarching themes, so too can the building products you use for your monument sign in Novi,  Rochester Hills, Michigan. If you want a traditional, institutional look, you can go with red brick as the main building product. Or, if a more modern, sleek aesthetic is what you’re going for, then synthetic materials are a better option. There’s really no limit when it comes to using commercial monument signs to improve the brand image and professionalism of your Michigan-based business.! 


If you envision a sign that looks rustic or vintage, then wood monument signs are the way to go. When coated with an attractive varnish, it will have even greater longevity. Keeping its integrity even longer requires some consistent maintenance, but this is a small price to pay for having one of the most high-quality forms of signage in the promotional playbook.

If you’re looking for a sign that requires less maintenance, it’s better if you opt for brick monument signs. They’ll provide a similarly elegant look, with less need to spend on repairs to protect your investment. This is the perfect option for entrepreneurs who want to invest in a signage option that will bring long-term benefits.

Foam monument signs are also cost-effective since it’s easier to copy intricate design details for a fraction of a cost. The installation process takes half the time, and the material itself is more affordable than its counterparts. What’s even more impressive is its durability since it can withstand up to 180 mph winds and have a 5-year guaranteed lifespan.

Illuminated monument signs are great for round-the-clock advertising. They are perfect for establishments that are open until the evening, want to boost brand visibility during bad weather conditions, or even those that just want to maximize their advertising efforts. With this, you are sure to have the edge over competitors who are relying on less captivating signage options. 


Monument signage is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it a great cost-efficient investment since it doesn’t require frequent replacing. Plus, it’s less expensive than social media advertisements, billboards, and other modes of advertising since you’re not charged for airtime, rent, and impressions. Given the placement and size of these custom monument signs in Novi, Rochester Hills, Michigan, it will be easy for you to generate hundreds of impressions each day.

These exterior signs are not just ideal for showcasing your business name, slogan, and logo, but also other relevant information about your business, including contact number, store or office hours, and tenants, among other things. Custom monument signage can also function as a landmark for those who are either trying to find your establishment or something else nearby. Considering the size of this kind of signage, it will be easier to spark the curiosity of passers-by, bring more foot traffic to your establishment, and ultimately increase your overall sales. 


Here at Michigan Custom Signs, we understand the importance of having custom-made signs specifically designed and fabricated to suit your budget, expectations, business needs, and marketing goals. More importantly, customized monument signs are made to be cohesive with your branding requirements. Thus, making them easily distinguishable to other business signs owned by your competitors. Cohesive signs also solidify your brand and improve your customers’ perceived trust. It’s because when they see your monument signs from afar, they feel confident that they’re heading in the right direction and that the establishment is indeed associated with your brand and not some knock-off company. These are the reasons why we take the extra steps to thoroughly study your brand, competitors, physical location, and target audience so that we can produce effective and unique signage solutions. We never hesitate to do all the tedious work because we want you to benefit as much as you can from your monument signs in Novi, Rochester Hills, Michigan. 

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Michigan Custom Signs takes pride in providing the highest quality service and commercial signage in the area. Our team of experienced signage professionals isn’t only skilled at creating monument signs of distinction, but we also walk our valued customers through every aspect of the development process. With all the advancements in sign development, printing, and graphics technology, it can be a daunting task to try and find a company that will do justice to your promotional vision.

If you choose to work with us, you can be certain that you won’t be wasting time or money. What makes us different from others is our eagerness to uncover and understand the needs of our clients. From traditional to modern monument signs, we can do it all!

Call us today for a free quote and start the process of planning, designing, building, and maintaining the best monument signs in all of Michigan! 

Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of monument signs is $275 per sq ft. In total, they typically range from $150 to $400 per square foot. Reach out to us today for a free quotation.

  • Illuminated monument signs are perfect for round-the-clock marketing purposes. Thus, you can effectively communicate with your target audience regardless of the time of the day.
  • Outdoor directories and pylon signs are ideal for showcasing multiple tenants and grabbing the attention of passersby from miles ahead.
  • Single building signs and post and panel monument signs are excellent for long-term branding and marketing benefits. Investing in them will help your company claim the location and establish a sense of permanence.
  • Digital monument signs combine the technology of modern displays and traditional signage solutions for maximum impact. You can display photo slideshows, text and graphic effects, and video advertisements.

These large and heavy-duty signs typically take weeks to complete. As for acquiring their permits, you need to have your designs approved before the fabrication process can commence. The total amount of time will also depend on whether it is an entirely new sign or a replacement.

As the name suggests, modern monument signs have a sleeker and more contemporary design and characteristic that make them stand out from other signs. Digital monument signs are also considered a modern take on this traditional marketing tool since various kinds of media are showcased in full-color and high-resolution displays.

They have an Expanded Polystyrene foam core that is spritzed with a proprietary hard coat which protects them from moisture, termites, and other types of rotting. Thanks to these tedious steps, your signs will last for a long time while still being lightweight and visually appealing.

If you are on a strict budget with a vision, then foam monument signs made of EPS should be your choice. Other materials include aluminum and metal, plastics, wood, stone and brick masonry, and poured concrete.

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