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We all know how vital signs are when navigating around worksites, large buildings, and commercial centers. They help keep patrons and visitors safe, informed, and heading in the right direction. But how do people who are visually impaired navigate these environments? From finding the nearest washroom to signaling emergency exits, it is crucial that people with visual, auditory, and other disabilities are still able to navigate through your space.

The Americans With Disabilities Act was passed to ensure that any and everyone, regardless of ability, can navigate commercial and public areas safely and efficiently. Whether you run a retail business or provide a service within a large commercial structure, ADA bathroom signs and other accessible signs are both a legal requirement and best practice for businesses looking to sustain success.

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MCS ADA Catalog
MCS ADA Catalog


ADA-compliant signs are communication tools that allow people with disabilities to access important, relevant information in a commercial environment. Since they may be visually, hearing, or physically impaired, these individuals can miss out on information that is accessible to others. By incorporating accommodations like braille, high-visibility text, and accessible positioning, you and your signage experts can make sure that everyone who visits your space is informed and feels respected. One of the most common examples of an ADA-compliant sign is ADA restroom signs.

From ADA bathroom signs to other ADA compliant signage, these signs are essential to making commercial and public spaces more inclusive and safe. Without this kind of signage, your business runs the risk of financial penalties and neglecting an entire subsegment of the consumer base. Both of which can negatively impact your brand and your operation.


Many ADA signage manufacturers make the mistake of ignoring regulations in their attempt to follow a particular design. From a legal, promotional, and professional perspective, this is a huge mistake. Not only do non-compliant signs get rejected, but correcting them often requires that you make additional expenditures. Our signage experts at Michigan Custom Signs have years of experience in the industry. They can provide you with ADA Braille signs and other formats that are not only compliant but also match your brand and the overall aesthetic of your commercial space.

Good ADA signage complies with regulations without losing the aesthetic value of professional promotional signs. Whether you need stylish ADA-compliant bathroom signs to make differently-abled customers feel extra comfortable in your establishment, or functional ADA parking signs to help them navigate your building environment with ease, Michigan Custom Signs has the solution for all your business needs.


In short: Yes. Signs ensure effective communication with your target audience. To promote inclusivity and serve a broader market, business owners in Rochester Hills must install ADA compliant signs in their business spaces to include customers and guests who need different accommodations. Whether you are an owner of a small business or a huge commercial complex in the community, having an ADA signage system in place shouldn’t be just a legal requirement. It is a professional obligation and one that can boost your branding initiatives. Without ADA signs for restrooms, some customers will not feel respected by your business.

Restroom Ada Sign By Michigan Custom Signs


Your freedom to choose a font is somewhat restricted when designing ADA compliant signage. But that doesn’t mean there still aren’t opportunities for customization.

An experienced sign manufacturer in Rochester Hills knows that these requirements are integral to the health of your brand. However, they also know how to navigate within the boundaries set up by the ADA to produce signage that still hits the mark across all mandatory criteria.

At Michigan Custom Signs, our custom ADA signage doesn’t just comply with regulations, it actively represents you and your brand. From custom ADA room signs for hotels to sleek ADA elevator signs that are easy to read, our design professionals can help you choose the perfect option for your business. ADA bathroom signs and ADA Braille signs require a thorough understanding of local and federal laws as well as expertise in installation. You need a reliable sign company with an in-house team of experienced professionals to make sure you get it right.


Are you looking for the best ADA bathroom signs near Rochester Hills? Then Michigan Custom Signs is your best option for upscale signs that meet your high standards as well as your legal requirements. We take the time to speak with our customers and understand their needs prior to planning a design. We care about your success, which is why every step of the manufacturing process is mindfully executed to ensure you get no less than superior quality products.

Remember, ADA signs are more than just a legal requirement, they are a way for your business to reach a whole section of society that is often neglected. Contact Michigan Custom Signs now to speak with an ADA signage expert and get a free quote. We will help you create the perfect solutions for everything from ADA women’s bathroom signs to other forms of ADA compliant signage! 

Frequently Asked Questions

They are special accessibility signs that help individuals with visual impairment find their way inside your establishment. The design details strictly are mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Investing in ADA-compliant signs will also make customers feel that the brand cares about their convenience and safety.

Some of the design characteristics include the usage of non-glaring materials, universally understood symbols, and contrasting colors. The wrongful or complete non-compliance with these specifications can lead to fines and other legal penalties.

No, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, Braille and raised characters are only required for signs designating permanent rooms and spaces. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act orders the usage of simple and easy-to-understand fonts. Text cannot be overly decorative, oblique, bold, italicized, or condensed. Some of the common fonts used are Arial, Calibri, and Helvetica.

Signs should use contracted Grade II Braille, with the majority of characters following sentence-case capitalization rules. Braille must be located below their corresponding text. Moreover, lowercase Braille must be followed, except for proper names, initials, acronyms, letters of a room identification, or the first word of sentences.

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