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We provide customers with the highest quality interior signs designed to help Michigan businesses stand out. Working closely with each customer, Michigan Custom Signs produces signage that consistently supports your brand and marketing goals throughout your entire facility. A sharp, cohesive look delivered by the right interior signage in Novi, Rochester Hills, Michigan will enable your business to make the best impression possible.

Indoor signs are important for many reasons, and the type of signage you’ll need will likely be a combination of various types and styles. From brand affirming lobby signs to directional wayfinding signage, our team can suggest interior signage ideas that will impress your customers and help every visitor navigate your space with ease.

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People immediately think of outdoor signs and billboards when they think of business signs. Indoor office signs, on the other hand, are equally important in creating a welcoming environment for your customers and employees. Customers are drawn in by the outside signs, but the inside signs keep them there.

What Kind of Custom Interior Signs Does My Michigan Business Need?

It’s important to understand that this kind of signage plays a significant role when it comes to your customer’s overall experience. Michigan Custom Signs can help restaurants, retail stores, professional offices, government buildings, and any other business or organization get the signage they need in order to serve your customers in the best possible way.

Some of the most important interior business signs you may need to include:

  • Lobby signs: One of the responsibilities of lobby signs is to make a good impression on everyone who walks into your store. They should also be brief but concise so that anyone who sees your sign is not overwhelmed with information.
  • Wall decals: Often used interchangeably with wall murals, these decals are composed of three parts: the paper backing, the sticker, and the transfer surface or tape. Because they are digitally printed, you can choose virtually any design and color to complement your company’s colors.
  • ADA signs: ADA signs ensure that your company is in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This act ensures that signs are constructed to assist visually and hearing-impaired individuals, as well as people with speech problems, in navigating public spaces. They can be customized with contrasting texts, graphics, and background colors while remaining consistent with your brand’s style.
  • Wall murals: The difference between this signage with wall decals is that essentially, it is an image printed on adhesive vinyl to cover an entire wall.
  • Bathroom signs: The bathroom is the one place in your office where a lot of people come and go. Installing uniquely designed bathroom signs for these rooms can help to improve your customers’ overall experience. You can use them to put hygiene reminders and other restroom rules in addition to identifying which restroom is for whom.
  • Office signs: The suite of graphics used to enhance an office space with information, artwork, and branding is referred to as office signage.
  • Floor graphics: One of the most effective interior signs is floor graphics, which are often overlooked when designing an office. Your office floor is a blank canvas waiting to be painted with graphics and text promoting your brand. Because we have a natural tendency to look down, this is a great way to make the most of your flooring.
  • Directory signs: These signs are used to help guests, customers, and employees navigate your business. They are also highly customizable. You can design them to represent your company and highlight your brand.

When you choose to work with Michigan Custom Signs, know that we are a full service signage shop that focuses on fulfilling your stated, implied and uncovered needs. The brand-building, custom interior in Rochester Hills, Michigan signage we create for your business will include your colors, fonts, personality, and style which will serve to reinforce your image and keep you top of mind with those that matter.

Where Can You Create Outstanding Interior Signs in Novi, Rochester Hills, Michigan?

Michigan Custom Signs is here and ready to help! If you need professionally designed and coordinated interior office signs for your Michigan business, we’ve got the skills, experience and creativity to get the job done. Whether it’s attractive, branded ADA interior signage or more effectively leverage your conference rooms or glass walls to reinforce your brand and communicate company values with murals decals and more, we’ve got what it takes to exceed your expectations.

We’ll start by providing design options that suit your needs and then move on to choosing the right materials that will deliver the impact you’re after. Rest assured, we only use the highest quality materials and don’t believe a job is complete until our installation experts have effectively installed all signage and you’re completely satisfied with the result.



Michigan Custom Signs is your dependable partner for high-quality office lobby branding. To ensure the highest quality in all our products, we only use premium-grade materials and cutting-edge equipment. Don’t worry, unlike other interior sign makers near you, our team will keep you from spending too much on your custom signs. We’ll tell you about cost-effective alternatives, not just those that can result in unneeded cost overruns.

The cost of your signage is often determined by its type, size, design, and materials of indoor signage. A simple design sign is less expensive than a more complex design sign. Please contact us right away to learn more about our pricing options.

Order Your Indoor Signs from Michigan Custom Signs

Are there areas where your current indoor signs could be updated or improved to augment your customer’s experience? Call us now and let us help. Michigan Custom Signs is committed to your success, always striving to understand your unique needs and offer solutions that work. Our experienced sign team knows what it takes to create signage you’ll love and we’re ready to help you make an impact. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Making your business visible with exterior signs is not enough to keep customers coming back – it is the job of interior business signs to keep them coming back. They make clients and visitors feel comfortable in your space.

We offer an array of sign options to choose from. Businesses around Michigan often choose dimensional letters, wall and window graphics, wall murals, and lobby signs. When you can’t decide which sign to use, call us at 248-218-2559 and we’ll help you choose the best one for your business.

Permits are usually issued for signs installed outside your business. But you need to make sure that your business is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This makes sure that everyone can navigate to your space with ease.

Sign costs vary depending on what type, style, design, and materials are used. Contact us at 248-218-2559 and our sign experts will help you decide on a sign that will fit your brand and budget.

If you want your sign to last, there are several factors to consider. Materials, environmental factors, and placement are just a few examples. Each sign has its own set of maintenance and service requirements. Speak with our team of experts to learn how long these signs will last.

Definitely! There are signs like the backlit lobby signs that have LED lights that can create a halo effect. These lights have an enclosure made with either metal, wood, or acrylic. Contact us today to learn more about these lighted signs.

Our experienced team creates business signage that reflects the identity that your company wishes to convey to its customers. As a result, we create an appealing and cohesive design on the inside and outside that draws attention to your company. Contact us today at 248-218-2559.

Business signs vary in size, design, and materials used. Our cost usually starts at $100 up to $5,000 or anything in between. Let our sign experts guide you through our process, give us a call at 248-218-2559.

Custom sign prices vary depending on what you would like to install. The complexity of the design, its size, and the materials to be used are contributing factors to its price. Contact us today and speak with our team of experts to help you have an idea of this sign’s cost.

This will depend on what type of sign you will be using and of course the amount of space you have. Let our team of experts guide you through the entire sign-making process. Give us a call at 248-218-2559.

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