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Compelling advertising is essential for the success of your business. Today, traditional signage faces a lot of competition and sometimes gets lost among more modern, eye-catching signage options. Floor graphics advertising offers a cost-effective and visible solution. By using customized floor graphics, decals, and floor stickers, this type of advertising can be attention-grabbing and memorable.

Michigan Custom Signs can create customized floor graphics to help your business connect directly with your customers. Meaningful messages that share brand values lead to increased sales and boost your brand’s awareness. Brand familiarity builds customer loyalty and trust and spreads awareness of your company’s values.

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Stay Safe Floor Graphic By Michigan Custom Signs

What Is Floor Graphics?

The term ‘floor graphics’ refers to both an advertising method and the graphics this method uses. Graphics designed for customers to walk on—floor graphics—are typically made from dust and waterproof vinyl. Durable enough for foot traffic, they are thin and certified slip-resistant.

Custom floor graphics made by Michigan Custom Signs can last up to 3-5 years with proper care. But, you can also remove them easily after a short period.

Where Can Floor Graphics Be Installed?

Custom floor graphics and stickers work well on non-porous surfaces such as sealed concrete, laminate, and hardwood. They’re not as durable when applied to surfaces such as carpet, unsealed concrete, or dirty or stained areas.

Best Uses for Custom Vinyl Floor Graphics & Decals

Custom vinyl floor graphics and decals can be cut into many shapes and sizes, allowing for innovative designs. The semi-permanent advantage of floor graphics makes them ideal for many uses. Use custom floor graphics and decals in the following ways to help your business connect with customers:

  • Promote upcoming events and sales – Install floor graphics in your shopping centers and retail stores to inform your customers of upcoming sales, in-store events, and launches of new products.
  • Invoke positive emotionsIf your business uses humor as part of your brand, we can create personalized floor graphics that put a smile on your customers’ faces. Invoking this kind of emotion is a very effective marketing tactic.
  • Create an optical illusionFloor graphics printing methods have come a long way in a short time. If you’re looking to create ‘wow’ moments with customers and build intrigue, consider an optical illusion design. This design will stay in your customer’s minds long after they’ve left your space and have them talking about it with their friends and family.
  • Wayfinding signageDirectional signage doesn’t have to be boring and functional. Use floor messaging and imagery in place of traditional directories to put some fun in your wayfinding signage and get people where they want to go.

There are several additional places you can use customized floor graphics, decals, and stickers effectively. Some of these include:

  • Warehouses and manufacturing areas to promote safety
  • Indoor parking spaces to control traffic flow
  • Restricted areas to provide warnings

Customize Your Floor Graphics

As with all quality signage, floor graphics advertising uses highly customizable floor signage. Michigan Custom Signs can create custom floor decals and graphics featuring any image, message, and design of your choosing.

We can help you choose the right design for your personalized floor graphics message and location. Contrasting colors and bold lettering will create an eye-catching and focused message. A more muted and understated floor graphic will provide a more professional feel.

Floor Graphics: Taking A Walk With Your Customers

Most advertising happens at eye level or above. Through billboards, neon, and cabinet signs, businesses are trying to attract potential and existing customers and clients face-to-face. However, while this works at eye level, what is often forgotten is a more grounded approach: floor graphics.

Advertising through floor graphics is an effective and visible solution to stand out from the competition. Because it is relatively uncommon, custom floor decals and graphics are attention-grabbing and memorable.

Why Choose Custom Floor Signs and Graphics?

The concept of floor signs and graphics is simple. They are always close to your potential customers and clients and utilize highly prominent positioning to attract natural curiosity effectively. Through their peculiar placement/clever and attractive messaging, floor signs and graphics create brand awareness and strengthen customer/client connections.

Custom floor signs and graphics are thin vinyl signs placed on the ground. Because of their placement, they must be durable and absorb dust and water. At the same time, they are safe and slip resistant. If they are well taken care of, custom floor graphics and stickers can last anywhere between three and five years, making them a relatively cost-effective, long-term advertising solution.

While they are naturally not as long-lasting on uneven surfaces such as carpet or unsealed concrete, they prove to be highly effective on non-porous surfaces, like hardwood, laminate, or non-porous concrete.

What Are Floor Graphics Ideal For?

Because of their placement, custom floor graphics are ideal for special events such as sales promotions or in-store special events. They even allow you to navigate customers directly as wayfinding signs, leading them directly on a “treasure hunt” to your event.

In terms of effect, flooring signs and graphics can invoke an emotional response, whether humorous or contemplation. Making a personal connection in marketing cannot be overstated, so if you are able to make your customers laugh or think about your floor graphics, you have succeeded.

Technology has taken significant strides in the last years, and custom floor graphics designs are ideal for creating optical illusions. These optical illusions are perfect to put your customers and clients on a memorable journey and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Perhaps you are looking more for a business-internal use. Floor graphics are ideal for delimiting dangerous areas and promoting safety in manufacturing areas or areas with vehicle-pedestrian interaction.

Is Floor Graphics Advertising Effective?

Powerful signage can exist anywhere visible to consumers, but few types of signage are more effective or regularly viewed than floor graphics. Floor graphics are designed to be underfoot and work well in high foot traffic areas in consumer-friendly spaces.

For all your printed floor graphics needs, call Michigan Custom Signs today to book a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

When installed indoors and with adequate maintenance, they can last for six months to a year. As for decals applied outdoors, they typically last within three months or more, depending on the weather elements. In both scenarios, your floor graphics will last longer if you affix them in areas with less foot traffic.

Floor decals are made from durable vinyl, similar to what is used for vehicle wraps. Their life span will depend on how well they are maintained, their exposure to water and sunlight, and the number of people passing by them.

Depending on the complexity of design, size, and materials used, floor vinyl signs can range from $50- $200. Give us a call today to get a better idea of the quotation.

Floor decals are special business signs that allow you to maximize the space in your commercial facility. As the name suggests, they are mainly intended for advertising and wayfinding purposes. They are fabricated from hardwearing and self-adhesive vinyl and affixed in high foot traffic spots for maximum impact and visibility.

They typically last within a few months. However, their life span can extend depending on how well they are installed, their exposure to foot traffic, water, and sunlight, and whether they are properly maintained.

Yes, it is common for people to look or glance down whether they are standing or moving around the establishment. Consumers react negatively to overly aggressive advertising tools. Since they simply pass by floor decals, they will be more receptive to the message that you are conveying.

3D decals are becoming more popular because of how well consumers respond to them. Designing and producing three-dimensional floor signs is a complex process. To learn more, don’t hesitate to reach to us today so we can give you a better idea of what to expect.

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