Acrylic Signs In Michigan

To stay at the top of your industry, you must constantly redesign and update your workplace. Investing in signs is one of the most effective ways to maintain a competitive advantage. Signs are highly customizable and surprisingly durable. There are many different types of signs to choose from, so choosing the best one for your company can help increase brand awareness.

Michigan Custom Signs has been providing premium quality signage to Michigan businesses for years. With decades of experience, our team will work closely with each client to give them the marketing solutions they need.


These are signs made of a colorless, transparent, and long-lasting polymer material that is formed into plastic sheets and has the clarity of glass. Acrylic office signs are among the most popular types of signs. Because they have a glass-like appearance and are less expensive, these signs are popular among businesses. They are highly durable, lightweight, and can be customized to meet the needs of your brand. Acrylic is frequently preferred over glass, which is naturally more fragile, due to its versatility, flexibility, strength, and lighter weight.

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Types of Acrylic Signs

  • Frosted Acrylic Signs – Frosted acrylic signs are commonly used as decorative signage solutions to improve an office environment or to display a brand or logo proudly. These custom acrylic signs give your design a translucent background. Although it is recommended for indoor signage applications, frosted acrylic can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Clear Acrylic Signage – This is the industry’s actual standard. Clear acrylic, like tempered glass, provides complete transparency while remaining shatterproof. We print or laser-etch your design and acrylic letters directly onto the thermoplastic in this style.
  • Plexiglass Signs – Plexiglass signs are a colorless, transparent, and long-lasting substrate made of a cast polymer. It’s a great substitute for fragile, breakable glass. Plexiglass signs are an excellent way to advertise in architectural displays, in an office lobby, and in an office building or warehouse.

Uses of acrylic signs

This sign option can be used in a lot of different ways. They can go from a simple decal to acrylic wall signs. Our sign company makes sure that your Michigan business will get the best quality sign products.

  • Retail advertising
  • Menu boards
  • Office building signs
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Restaurant signs
  • Point-of-purchase signs
  • Showroom signs
  • Directional signs

Cost of acrylic signs

The price of an acrylic sign will vary depending on its size and shape. The complexity of design and lighting can also increase the overall cost. Michigan Custom Signs would be happy to discuss your needs and budget, as well as provide a quote for your acrylic signage. We make sure that we only use premium quality materials and top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that we provide only the best products to our clients.

Your trusted acrylic sign printer in Michigan

When looking for quality acrylic signs “near me”, Michigan Custom Signs is the name you can trust when it comes to reliable sign makers in Michigan. Please speak with one of our professional business sign experts today to learn more about how our strategic signage solutions can help your company perform better. We are excited to become your Michigan go-to outdoor and indoor sign company.

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