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Channel letter signs can be a three-dimensional graphic or letters mounted to an indoor or outdoor wall. Typically made out of aluminum or acrylic, this signage style offers a diversity of customizable options and can be tailored to incorporate various fonts, colors, and sizes. This makes custom channel letter signs ideal for business owners looking to create a captivating commercial environment for customers, employees, and business partners alike. 

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Get the best Channel Letter Signs in Michigan


One of the most important decisions you have to make as a business is how you present yourself through your channel letter signs in Michigan. Choosing the type of signs that give you the best return on investment is highly important to a successful marketing campaign, and a bright, bold choice for your brand would be the incorporation of channel letter signage.

Custom Channel letter signage allows you to create a more professional-looking space, regardless of your specific industry. Lots of business owners try to make their outdated acrylic or synthetic signs last as long as possible. While this may seem to be a smart way of saving money, it actually ends up hurting your company by reducing the flow of customers into your commercial space. How do you expect customers to pick your brand out from the rest if you can’t separate your storefront from the other competing Michigan businesses around you? Investing in new signage options, like channel lettering, is the perfect way to let customers know that your business means business.
Your business’s
Like most professional signage, these stylish letters can be customized to perfectly fit the style, branding, and ethos. With highly versatile materials and virtually limitless options for font, size, and color, there are many different styles of channel letters you can use to bolster your promotional efforts. 


Depending on your business needs, there are various options and styles available when choosing custom channel letter signs. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that all channel letter signs are the same, but there are actually many different options to choose from. Here are a few examples of these options and their benefits:

Standard Letters — the most common type of illuminated channel letter signs, also known as front-lit letters. Illuminated from the inside, front-lit letter signs are visible all throughout the day. This gives your business excellent visibility 24/7, promoting your brand even at night.

Halo Lit Channel Letters — Also known as reverse channel letters, these letters are mounted away from their wall, allowing neon or LED lights inside to shine out and cast a glow around the letters, creating a halo effect. Halo illuminated letters give your signage a distinctive, iridescent glow that is great for brand recognition.

Front and Backlit Letters — a combination of standard and halo letter signage, with an illuminated face and a ‘halo effect’ background, giving your sign a truly unique feel that would be hard to miss. Costs for this signage become minimal, considering its durability and effectiveness.

Non-Illuminated Letters — These generally come in the form of mounted acrylic or aluminum dimensional letters, much like standard letters but without the lighted components. Non-illuminated channel letter signs are usually used in commercial properties where light is not an issue. Extremely durable and simple, aluminum channel letters are a cost-effective option that’s built to last and give you brand exposure for years to come.

3D Channel Letters — Just as the name suggests, this style of channel letter signage is manufactured so it pops out from the exterior of a storefront or other wall. This added depth dimension creates a contrast to help grab the attention of potential customers without necessarily requiring electrical components (although they can be incorporated). 

Custom CHANNEL LETTER SIGN COMPANY IN Novi, Rochester Hills, Michigan

Michigan Custom Signs is committed to walking you through the entire process of designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining a sign that best showcases your brand. We offer top-quality, custom channel letter signage with competitive prices in and around Michigan. From monument signs to blade signs to custom wall graphics, Michigan Custom Signs has extensive experience in the development of professional signage. And channel letters in Novi, Rochester Hills, Michigan are no exception.


When it comes to making a statement for your brand, there’s no better option than channel letter signs for business in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Our team of professionals is well-equipped to help your business be top-of-mind for customers, even long after they’ve left the immediate area of your commercial space. Be it indoor or outdoor, big or small, we deliver top-quality signage that brings more and more business your way.

Our experienced staff at Michigan Custom Signs are ready to assist you with your signage needs, including personalized channel letter signs in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Contact us today for a free quote on our services and to learn more about our comprehensive design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance processes. We’ve been helping Michigan business owners improve their branding and promotion strategies for years and promise to do the same for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of channel letter signs depends on several factors, such as their dimensions, thickness, the complexity of design, composition, hues, signage types, illumination types, and other materials used. Reach out to us to get a free quotation.

The typical material used for the sides of each channel letter is aluminum. The face and back of the letters or characters can be acrylic and aluminum. But if you opt for open face signs or backlit signs, they will not have coverings to expose the light source.

Front-lit channel letters have a hollow interior wherein illumination passes and then shines through a translucent face. Backlit signs have the light source attached to the rear portion of each signage element, creating an impressive halo effect. Combination signs feature both types of illumination for maximum visibility and impact. Open face channel letters have no frontal covering, which exposes the interior illumination for that retro neon-style effect.

After the design is digitized, channel letter signs can be produced within 2 weeks. However, their installation process will depend on how fast the local government will approve them.

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