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Signs are primarily there to provide information, but anyone can haphazardly write their business hours on a piece of paper and stick it outside their office door using masking tape if that’s all we need to do. Professional business owners, however, want to do more; they want to share their company values and express their commitment to excellence through functional and elegant office door signs that speak to their brand’s value.

When you incorporate a comprehensive office signage system into your company workspace, you’ll begin to realize benefits like improvements in productivity, team cohesion, communication efficiency, employee experience, and, of course, brand strength. If you’re an office space owner or operator in Michigan, leveraging the power of office signs is crucial to creating the optimal work environment! 

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Get the best Office Door in Michigan, US


Behind every good sign is a hidden story of excellence and dedication to quality of service. You and your employees work incredibly hard, day-in, day-out, so why settle for less when you can have a signage system that works just as hard when it comes to representing your brand? You may have the most attractive monument sign around the corner that points people to your location, but if your indoor signs don’t match your outdoor office signs in terms of quality and functionality, they fail to serve their purpose. Michigan Custom Signs can help you plan and design an office signage system that helps position your company as an industry leader. 


One sign is good, but a functional interior office signage program is ideal. By incorporating a range of different office signage options into your workspace, you can realize a host of benefits that improve the experience of your employees, customers, and business customers. Below are some of the widely used signs we produce for our customers.

  • Office Door Signs
  • Reception desk signs
  • Nameplates
  • Office door plaques
  • Lobby directory signs
  • Sliding Door Signs
  • Hanging office door signs
  • Metal door signs
  • Lightbox signs
  • Lobby signs
  • ADA signs
  • Elevator signs
  • Restroom signs
  • Office wall graphics
  • Office wall murals
  • Office floor graphics

Interior office door signs in Novi, Rochester Hills, Michigan works best to establish your target market identity when they reinforce your outdoor signs. Branded office door signs that use the same colors and typeface as your multi-tenant cabinet sign at the entrance, for instance, are more catchy and interesting. Commercial complex owners that have multiple tenants can invest in custom door signs that carry their company colors and distinct identifying characteristics like a logo or brand colors. An acrylic changeable office door sign is durable enough to last a lifetime indoors while providing you an option to replace the message or information.

When it comes to applying this diversity of office signage options within your work environment, your business will realize tons of potential benefits — assuming the sign strategy is being carried out by a professional service, of course 


Take your branding game to another level with customizable business signs. Acrylic office signs in Novi, Rochester Hills, Michigan are a customer favorite due to their versatility. Use them to communicate with your walk-in clients, tell them they have come to the right place, and give them confidence in doing business with you. Office signs for walls such as wall graphics may be used to showcase your accolades, vision statement, and company tagline to help your customers get to know you better. 


Industrial psychologists agree that colors have the power to influence the ambiance of a workplace and, consequently, your team’s behavior. Inspire productivity with colorful wall and ceiling murals. While interior office signs are great at labeling cubicles, showing direction, and promoting order inside the workplace, they can also be used to boost your staff’s morale and remind them that they belong to an organization they can be proud of. 


Regardless of the industry, every work environment needs to have important information easily accessible to all workers and building visitors. Whether it’s information about emergency exits or outlining new procedures, office signs are one of the most efficient ways of conveying information. These signs are also vital for making work environments accessible and safe for people of all abilities. For instance, ADA signs help people with visual and auditory issues navigate throughout office buildings without relying on others.

Office Signs are also becoming increasingly important in the pandemic era. As public health information and other safety protocols continue to evolve, it’s crucial that business owners are able to keep employees, clients, and other visitors safe and informed at all times. 


The best office signs are the ones that create a better employee experience. In the same way that other forms of promotional signage are leveraged to improve customers’ experience in order to motivate repeat business, a custom office sign maker will help you create a work environment optimized for a better employee experience. From inspirational messaging to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity, there are numerous options you can use to make your office space more engaging for your hardworking staff! 

Michigan Custom Signs Create Custom Engraved Office Door Signs to Give a Unique Look to Your Office


Whether you’re just getting started or need a mural to finish off your office space, Michigan Custom Signs can help you come up with interior office signs and custom door signs that work. From conference room signs that support creativity to ADA-compliant braille signs that advocate inclusivity, we can do it all for you. No other sign company in the state provides the same level of professional service as we do.

As you can see, ensuring that your workspace incorporates as many quality office signs as possible is an important tactic for improving a whole host of outcomes for your business. So, if you’re ready to level up your workspace with personalized office signs, reach out to the top office sign company Michigan Custom for a free consultation today! 

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