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Sometimes you need to add a more personal touch to your marketing strategy to earn new interest in your brand. Some marketers like to try for something more experimental like some form of guerilla marketing. This can be a good way to get noticed depending on how you execute it. But before you start looking for who can do a performance art piece in the middle of town, we suggest you consider custom shirt printing with Michigan Custom Signs.

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Custom short sleeve shirts in Michigan

The Walking Referral

Word of mouth recommendations for your business are a powerful way of getting new customers. In fact, according to Bigcommerce.com, about 77% of consumers identify word of mouth as a major influence on their buying decisions. Social media makes it easier than ever to get the good word out, but it’s not always enough. Sometimes you will get lucky and a happy customer will post on their social channels, and that referral will have a wide reach. But there is another way to achieve something similar, that isn’t limited to that referral’s friends and followers: custom t-shirts with your logo, or whatever design you need, on them.

When someone walks around town with your logo emblazoned on a nice shirt, they are implicitly telling anyone that they pass by that, (1) they like your business and would recommend it, and (2) that your business is so worth talking about, that they decided to wear your logo for the day!

Custom Shirts for Your Michigan Business

Michigan Custom Signs wants to help you get your brand out on the streets, getting those impressions that bring in new business. We offer a variety of choices for you to promote your Michigan business with:

  • Custom short sleeve shirts
  • Custom long sleeve shirts
  • Custom v-neck shirts
  • Custom tank tops
  • Custom polo shirts
  • Custom Hoodies
  • And more!

For all these options, you can choose cotton, a 50/50 blend, triblend, or full polyester for the material.

Our Custom Apparel Printing Process

Depending on what you need, we have two ways of preparing your shirts:

  1. Printed Graphics : This is the simpler of the two options. With this, we take a custom printed graphic and apply it to the shirt of your choice with a heat press
  2. Custom Printed Shirts : First we prepare a screen. We print out clear film with our Epson 1430 and then burn your image into the screen with UV light from our X Vactor Exposure Unit. After your screen is ready, we move on to the production stage. For this we use our 4 Station Riley Hopkins Press, and flash cure the ink in between each layer. Once your shirt is inked, it will go through our conveyor dryer which cures your final print onto your shirt to ensure it lasts for years to come!

Get the referral that walks around town and recommends your business without having to say a single word, talk to a custom apparel specialist at Michigan Custom Signs.

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