How Floor Decals Aid in Efficient Customer Guidance

Custom Social Distancing Sign By Michigan Custom Signs

Instant gratification: that’s what most customers are looking for when they visit a store. More time browsing through what they want and less time hunting around for it. Business owners have found vinyl floor decals to be one of the most effective ways of helping customers achieve that. Best of all, they are durable, long-lasting and affordable wayfinding tools. Keep reading to find out why floor decals are so effective at guiding customers:

In the line of sight

The most important aspect of effective wayfinding is a sign that is seen by people. Since most people navigate spaces looking down at the floor, it means floor graphics are immediately noticeable. People are far more likely to notice and read floor signs as compared to ceiling signs or wall-mounted signs.

Simple instructions

Custom floor graphics are also the best way of providing directions. Where a hanging sign with an arrow pointing up or down may be misinterpreted, floor signs provide unmistakable directions. After all, an arrow on the floor pointing can be interpreted to lead only one way.

Color coordinated

Coordinating different colors makes floor wayfinding signs even more effective. Businesses that receive a lot of foot traffic opt for colored lines on the floor, leading visitors to clearly demarcated sections of the premises. Note that this level of detail works best at larger premises, such as at home stores, supermarkets and commercial complexes.

Social distancing

The current pandemic has made it a challenge for thousands of business owners in Michigan to ensure physical distancing between customers. And vinyl floor decals have proved to be indispensable. Signs telling people to stand six feet apart tell people how much distance they need to maintain and bring order to the space. In fact, shoppers feel more comfortable at a store that has distance markers because they feel greater trust in the business for eliminating any guesswork when it comes to their wellbeing.

Uses of Floor Decals

Different businesses put signs to different uses:

  • Retailers use vinyl floor signs to direct customers to aisles
  • Gyms and sports venues use signs to guide people to facilities
  • Office buildings use floor stickers at elevator lobbies and as office directories
  • Floor signs are extremely common at airports

In addition to their utility as wayfinding signage, floor decals are great opportunities for brand and sales promotion. Incorporating brand colors, floor signage can be used to create a customer journey, which helps engage customers and increases top of mind recall. Floor signs at entrances are particularly effective sales tools for promoting new products and services too.

Custom Floor Graphics in Michigan

Michigan Custom Signs has been at the forefront of helping business owners adapt their business for the challenges posed by Covid-19. Our team works with customers to design and print customized physical distancing signs, floor advertising and wayfinding signs. Talk to a representative about affordable floor signs for your business. We accept large orders and offer customized packages.