Ideas for Eye-Catching Floor Graphics

Advertising Floor Graphics

For the majority of businesses, making a good first impression is important. It establishes the tone for future interactions with clients and customers. Making use of every available space in your store and office will help you draw customers and make sure that people will remember your brand.

The floor is an often-overlooked location for signs in an office setting. One of the most economical ways to draw customers in is with floor graphics. Anyone can easily notice the graphics given that we have a natural tendency to look down when we walk. Nearly all types of floor surfaces, including sealed wood, ceramic tiles, marble, vinyl, and concrete, can be covered with these custom floor signs.

In this article, we list and discuss ideas on how to have noticeable floor graphics that will not only attract potential customers but also turn them into paying regulars. At Michigan Custom Signs, we ensure that we provide nothing but the best signage for your business. Before we continue with our list, however, there is one thing you need to do first. To ensure that your design is seen, choose a location for your interior floor graphics that has high traffic.

Stand Out Creatively

Innovative floor graphics will set your company apart from the competition. To maximize the impact of each “impression,” use customized shapes, bold colors, and short, clever copy.

Here are some cool design ideas to consider:

  • Floor graphics on stairs
  • Directional floor graphics
  • Functional floor graphics
  • Decorative floor graphics
  • A combination of floor and wall graphics

Keep it Short

Depending on the purpose of the floor decal, keep your message direct and simple. Before deciding on the copy, consider the size, location, and purpose of the graphic. Questions or general imperatives that require immediate action work best.

Use Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors in design help to highlight the part of the message that needs the most attention. Consider how to contrast colors in the design with those found in the environment where the floor design will be placed. Think about the floor type and color ahead of time.

Make Quality Your Best Friend

Select a floor graphic made of high-quality materials. The best option will be one that has a slip-resistant layer. High quality can be measured by durability, so choose a solution that will last for the duration of your campaign.

Create 2D or 3D Floor Graphics

Because customers like to be surprised and appreciate a unique product presentation, two-dimensional and three-dimensional floor graphics will gather more attention. These designs are typically more appealing than flat, traditional floor graphics, but make sure that the design truly fits your marketing goal.

Your Trusted Sign-Maker in Michigan

At Michigan Custom Signs, we design custom floor graphics to meet your branding, building design, ambiance, customer preferences, and communication needs. When you work with us, you can be confident that your signage investments will have measurable results. Contact us today for a free quotation.