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Michigan Pylon Signs

While you may not be familiar with their name, if you drive around even a small distance you will most likely notice a series of pylon signs in Michigan. Often referred to as highway or road signs, pylon signs are a popular stable for providing visibility for any business.

What is a Pylon Sign?

A pylon sign is any sign independent of a building or structure and supported by one or more poles, high in the air. You may recognize them as the very tall signs along interstate highways, but they can also be used in many other ways.

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Types of Pylon Signs

Aside from a single or double-pole mount sign, the covered pylon sign achieves its objective while concealing the mounting pole. Other pylon signs are illuminated with lightboxes or external lighting to enhance their effectiveness and to provide 24/7 visibility.

A fundamental decision that will determine your use of the pylon sign is whether it will be illuminated or non-illuminated. Various types of lighting allow a wide range of graphics and effects to enhance the effectiveness of the sign.

Uses for Pylon Signs

The team at Michigan Custom Signs will help you understand the many ways a pylon sign will enhance your overall signage strategy. Aside from building your brand, a well-designed and executed pylon sign allows customers to quickly find your location. Thanks to the versatility of pylon signs, you can choose the style and type of pylon sign to maximize the visibility of your Michigan business.

The versatility of the pylon sign allows you to accomplish multiple purposes with your sign, including providing directions, highlighting your location, and offering any marketing message you desire, all while building your brand with a creative design.

The processes used for pylon sign manufacturing are the same as for all signs, with the additional consideration of the height and support. Our experienced team will explain your options and how we manufacture your pylon sign to fulfill your needs and meet your budget.

Our ability to design, manufacture, and install custom pylon signs has provided the Michigan marketplace with some of the most memorable and recognizable signs for our customers. Put us to work to achieve the same results for your business.

Today’s technology makes digital pylon signs an effective way to provide customers and prospects with changing and up-to-date information and promotions. These signs are often combined with creative components to build your brand while serving as a unique attention-getter.

When the long-term value of these signs is calculated, the cost of pylon signs is better viewed as a one-time investment that will deliver results for years to come. Whatever your needs, our team will show you how an effective and impressive pylon sign will fit your signage strategy and budget.

When it comes to pylon signs in Michigan, you can turn to Michigan Custom Signs with confidence. Our experience and knowledge ensure you will get the sign you desire and deserve. Call or contact us today to put our team to work for you and your business.

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