Tips for designing high-impact Signs 

Custom Signs

Are you a sign maker seeking tips on how to create eye-catching and effective signage? From establishing your brand identity to giving directions, commercial signs have a wide range of applications. As such, it’s important for sign makers near me to make sure they’re delivering high-impact designs that attract attention and deliver the intended message clearly. In this blog post, we share our expert insight into designing effective signs that will draw people in and leave an impact. Read on for everything you need to know about creating visually appealing custom signs from colors to fonts.

If you’re searching for “sign makers near me,” then you know the importance of effective and impactful signage for your business or organization. Your sign is often the first impression that potential customers or clients have of your brand, and it can make a lasting impact on their decision-making. But how do you design a sign that stands out from the crowd? In this blog post, we’ll explore some tips for designing high-impact signs that drive traffic and sales to your door.

Keep it Simple

When it comes to designing effective signs, less is often more. A cluttered or complex design can be overwhelming to viewers and make it difficult for them to process your message. Stick to a simple, easy-to-read design with minimal text and graphics.

Choose the Right Colors

Colors evoke different emotions and can influence people’s behavior. When selecting colors for your sign, consider your brand’s personality, target audience, and the message you want to convey. Bright, bold colors can attract attention, while earth tones can create a sense of warmth and friendliness.

Make it Visible

Your sign won’t be effective if people can’t see it. Make sure your sign is positioned in a visible location and is easily legible from a distance. Consider the font size, style, and color to ensure maximum visibility.

Use High-Quality Materials

An impactful sign is also durable and long-lasting. Choose high-quality materials that can withstand different weather conditions and won’t fade or peel over time. Consider LED signage or digital displays for a more modern and attention-grabbing approach.

Be Consistent

Your sign is an extension of your brand, so it’s essential to maintain consistency in design and messaging. Use the same fonts, colors, and logos as your other marketing materials to create a cohesive brand message and reinforce your brand awareness.


Whether you’re after a low-cost, practical wayfinding sign or a high-impact sign to promote your business at events and fairs, custom signs make a huge difference in how people perceive your company and might even drive up sales. Signage can be expertly used to define space, attract attention, provide direction, and add an element of branding and experience. Take these tips into consideration when designing your high-impact signs – they are all proven methods for success! For the most exceptional, eye-catching Michigan custom signs around town, turn to the experts. Our talented team is here to help you every step of the way with your projects, from concept through installation. Contact us today and let’s get started creating amazing signs that deliver powerful messages!