Why Your Business Needs ADA Signs?

ADA Signs for Business

Discrimination against disabled people in work, schools, transportation, and other places is prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA guidelines clearly define how to design a space for accessibility and design signage to communicate effectively with people of all abilities. When choosing ADA-compliant signs, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Here are some common ADA signs

  • The use of the International Symbol of Access
  • Accessible parking
  • Accessible Entrance
  • With ADA Access: For assistance, ring the bell
  • “ADA Wheelchair Accessible.”
  • Parking for handicapped only
  • Braille signs

They’re usually at exits and entrances, along with restrooms and parking lots. Braille is required on all disability signs for visually impaired people.

Ada Signs: Why They’re Important


You can easily make your building more accessible with ADA signs, letting people know where to go for services, entrances, and restrooms. Additionally, they’re apparent and ensure that everyone can get in and out of the building with no problems. Moreover, they provide people inside with helpful information like where the elevators and bathrooms are located.

They’re Required by Law

Investing in ADA signs is one of the best things you can do. They’re required by law, so you have to put them up. Colors, signs height, readability, and lettering are also part of the ADA requirements.

They Ensure People’s Safety

Your priority is to ensure that everyone in your building is safe, even though you want your business to be compliant and accessible. Your employees and visitors will feel safe with ADA and safety signage. The signs will help people know where hazardous rooms are. Safety signs warn visitors and employees when specific clothing or equipment needs to be worn.

Aside from making sure that your business is safe and accessible, ADA and safety signs are essential. On top of this, if an emergency occurs, you are also protected. Following the rules and regulations that govern your signage serves everyone in your community and creates a welcoming environment where others can feel safe.

One of the critical goals that almost every business aims for is making your business attractive and easy to use for every customer. The Americans with Disabilities Act protects the almost 12% of the population that has a disability and makes it easier for them to navigate businesses and public spaces.  Make your business more accessible to people with disabilities

Make sure you are using ADA compliant signs, and incorporate braille signs in your workplace in Rochester Hill, Michigan. Find out more and hire professionals today.