5 Benefits of Indoor Business Signs That You Can’t Ignore

Indoor Business Signs in Michigan

You’ve heard the saying that you can never get back a first impression. There’s good reason for it. Once a customer enters your store, you want them to feel at ease immediately and that you are of service. If they enter your location and have a sub-par experience, and end up getting lost or frustrated in your store, chances are they will not want to come back. Keep reading to learn how to make your business one that customers cannot ignore and learn how to use indoor navigation signs to help your customers get around quickly. We are going to cover the different types of indoor signs, and by the end of this article, you will find a solution to boost your business’ brand image.

5 Benefits of Indoor Business Signs in Michigan

1. Portray a Professional Image

Your lobby area is the first space where your customers get to experience your business. From the moment they walk into your location, you want them to feel comfortable and have a positive first impression. As well, you want the customers to know where they are as soon as they walk inside. Installing a professional lobby sign will immediately instill trust in your customers.

2. Brand Recognition

Having indoor business signs creates a strong brand impression and communicates your brand name and logo. Think of a bank or a corporate office. They always have reception signs installed, which portrays a strong corporate identity. For a bold look, opt for a custom lit-up acrylic sign or install a brushed metal sign for a more traditional look.

3. Show your customers you care about navigation

Installing ADA directional signage shows your customers that you care about their well-being. Signs like an entrance sign or a washroom sign quickly show your customers where to find the essentials and allows them to enter and exit your building quickly. Your customers leave feeling happy about their experience in your store and they won’t leave complaining about getting lost.

4. Consistent Brand Imaging

When you are installing indoor signs, you want to ensure that your indoor and outdoor signs have the same branding. Having a consistent brand image will strengthen your brand recognition and shows that you are a well-run company.  Consistent branding doesn’t mean only installing the same types of signs at your store or office. Here are some signs that you can integrate at your business: reception or lobby signs, wall murals for creative spaces, floor graphics to add a fun look, and navigation signs so customers can quickly get around your business.

5. Show Off Your Creativity

One of the benefits of business branding is that you can be as creative or as modest as you want. Two types of signs that show off your company’s creativity and also act as brand storytelling tools are wall murals and floor graphics. Installing floor graphics or wall murals are a great way to let your customers inside your professional space and learn more about your company values and quirks.

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of custom interior signs, we invite you to speak with our sign experts. We want to help you create signage for your business that customers cannot ignore.