4 Ways Monument Signs Solidify Your Brand’s Presence

Monument Signs Michigan

If you’re looking for a way to attract more customers and increase brand recognition, then we suggest investing in a monument sign. Monument signs are free-standing structures or outdoor structures with your brand’s name or identity on it. Keep reading to learn why these large signs help to solidify your brand presence.

Benefits of Installing Monument Signs in Michigan

1.   Maximizes customer visibility 24/7

One major benefit of a landmark sign is around the clock visibility to your potential and current customers. A sign like this is permanent. You install the sign once, and the sign stands as a symbol for your company for years to come. We suggest installing LED lighting so that your sign lights up at night. Having a lit-up sign at night allows 24/7 exposure to your location and helps individuals with vision impairments see your building at night. 

2.   Increases foot traffic

Your monument sign will now become the symbol that represents your store or business. The sizeable visible sign allows your brand to become top of mind to people who walk by. As well,  many individuals walking by will want to shop or visit your store. Many store owners opt for brick monument signs as they are stable and provide an elegant yet professional look. However, some business owners opt for signs made from wood, aluminum, and metal, acrylic, or plastic or wood. Each material has its own unique benefits and portrays a different image.

3.   Acts as a free advertising tool

Whether your business or store is in a high traffic area or low-density area, you are still generating impressions. Every person who drives by your location or lives near your location will see your monument sign. Moreover, these signs are great passive advertising tools. For a one-time installation fee, you acquire a lifetime of brand impressions, and you can also use your sign to promote sales as well.

4.   Portrays a professional brand image

When you order monument signs for your business or store location, you can customize the entire sign to match your corporate identity. Ordering architectural signage shows that you care about your professional image and brand presence. Furthermore, you can request any aspect of your corporate image to be included on the sign, such as: adding your logo, brand font, or brand colors. Ultimately, you are creating a brand symbol of significant the public cannot ignore.

When shopping for your monument sign, you want to ensure that you are ordering from a reputable sign company, who can deliver quality design and promise the signs’ durability.

Speak with a sign specialist now at Michigan Custom Signs to get started on a sign that has monumental impact.