5 Benefits of Truck Wraps Too Good To Be Ignored

Commercial Truck Wrap

Truck wraps are one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising that any business with a vehicle can have access to. Wraps can garner thousands of impressions every day and advertise the business day or night. Best of all, other than the cost of having the vehicle wrapped, there is no daily or monthly rent to be paid, nor is there any expense of getting city permission. Keep reading to find the five incredible benefits of wrapping commercial vans and trucks and you’ll be laughing all the way to bank with your new revenue.

We wrap all types of vehicles: cars, pick-up trucks, trailers, food trucks, ice cream trucks, delivery vans, and more.

Top 5 Benefits of Truck Wraps

Unique – Vehicles are great canvases. Windows, doors, wheel wells, they all add a dimension to design and have so much potential for being incorporated creatively in the design. Go all out with creative designs to stand out in a sea of drab-colored vehicles.

Brand – “Top of mind recall” is the mantra in the world of business and advertising and what better way than unique custom truck wraps to be memorable. Brands associated with cool truck wraps are natural fodder for social media and sharing. Talk about awards, achievements, and how you are helping the community to aid brand building.

Promote – Discounts, new products, and freebies are only as good as the promotional activity behind them. Custom truck wraps are mobile billboards roaming the streets of Michigan and spreading the word about your business. Use individually cut truck vinyl wrap letters to advertise seasonal messages, ongoing sales, and more.

Our team schedules wrapping to ensure minimum downtime for your fleet.

Protect – Truck vinyl wraps are supreme protection for the body (and windows) of the truck. It’s a layer of light, durable material that deflects road debris. We hear from business owners time and time again how impeccable their paint looks even after years of using the truck. Modern wraps use safe adhesives that don’t discolor the original paintwork of the vehicle.

ROI – Vinyl wraps are extremely inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising, but don’t take that to mean they are not effective. Hundreds, if not thousands of people will see your vehicles driving down the road every day. In fact, you can advertise in Michigan’s hottest spots with what are essentially large mobile billboards – and pay nothing to do so! Now that’s what we call ROI.

High-quality vinyl wraps from companies like 3M are very durable, providing fade-free performance for years.

High-Quality Truck WrapsMichigan Custom Signs is your one-stop-shop for all types of vehicle wraps. We are a full-service wrapping company, helping customers create designs, print, and apply wraps. Talk to us about your vehicle and the design you have in mind.