How Window Graphics Can Help Businesses Catch More Attention

Storefront Window Graphics Michigan

Window decals are prime promotional real estate that can engage prospective customers much more intimately than other forms of signage. The size and location of storefront windows put them right in the line of sight of audiences and even businesses that are located on higher floors can use creative graphics to draw attention to themselves (window art can act as a type of billboard). Find out how creatively designed vinyl window stickers help businesses raise their advertising potential.

Building a Brand

Creativity – that’s the word for window decals that seek to attract attention. Telling the organization’s story through creative graphics creates a compelling narrative that sticks in the mind more than just a jumble of elements with no context. Such a visual display creates top of mind recall, which over time can drive real business growth.

A common misconception, too, is that window graphics are only for-profit business tools; healthcare providers, educational institutions, charities, and non-profits should all be using window decoration to build brand awareness.

Location Markers

Storefront signs above the front door are not in the direct line of sight of pedestrians, graphics on windows are. Great window graphics drive customers to a business; they achieve this by inviting people physically and emotionally. This has two effects: first, seeing the graphic sparks curiosity, and second, it acts as a strong location marker. In other words, people feel the need to visit the store, and are immediately guided to it.

Sales and Promotions

Promotions are extremely effective at getting people to walk through the door. But a sales drive or new launch is only as successful as the advertising campaign behind it. Large decals on windows promoting these are essential for capturing local traffic. The biggest advantage of vinyl window stickers is that they are easy to install and take off. They are inexpensive too, so business owners like to change them out frequently, to keep customers engaged.

Types of Decals

A business can choose from a few different types of decals. Restaurants, for instance, want windows to be slightly see-through to create mystery while letting passers-by see the crowd inside. Boutiques will often have partially frosted decals because they lend an elegant air to the storefront. Here are a few types of window decal styles:

Clear decals – Designs are printed on a transparent sheet with no background, keeping the view completely unobstructed.

Opaque decals – Printed on a sheet of solid color (often white) that becomes the background and obscures what’s inside.

Perforated decals – The sheet has small perforations which provide a translucent background but don’t block the view completely.

Frosted decals – A vinyl sheet is printed with a frosted finish, which can be either opaque or somewhat see-through.

Vinyl letters – Instead of a large singular decal, individual letters, numbers, and graphics are cut and applied on the window.

Custom Window Graphics in Michigan

Michigan Custom Signs works with businesses and institutions across the city to design their ideal window decals. We are a full-service sign shop that can design, print, and apply window signage. Call us to find out what kind of sign you should get for your storefront.