5 Proven Tips For Using Window Graphics

Custom Window Graphics for Business

Window graphics are a great way to market and promote your brand. They are popular because they are versatile and bold. These graphics are available in many options, such as window decals and vinyl window stickers.

Here are some great tips to consider when using window graphics for temporary or permanent use:

Choose the Right Material:

  • Many types of materials can be applied to windows and doors. 
  • Window clings are temporary and can be moved and adjusted.
  • Opaque and clear decals are more permanent and sticky on one side for easy application.
  • Frosted decals give the look of etched glass, ideal for adding privacy to your décor without eliminating light.  

Consider the Purpose:

The goals behind your graphics will help you decide the best option.

These may include:

  • To create an impact for your brand: To advertise an event or sale, you can fill your storefront with graphicsof bold colors and fonts
  • To hide an ugly view: Full-colored printed vinyl graphics can be used to beautify your business.  
  • To create more privacy: Use frosted vinyl window stickers or frosting and opaque decals.
  • To provide information:Decals with holes provide visibility as well as information. 
  • To change the look of the space: If your store or office has many windows, consider multi-panel images to catch the eyes of people walking by.

Choose the Colors Carefully For Your Window Graphics

Depending on the light that falls on your storefront, choose contrasting colors carefully.

Consider using complementary colors to create contrast, such as blue and orange, purple and yellow, and red and green. Red is usually used in fast food and Chinese restaurants. Blue is often utilized for a chic and reliable look for a professional space.

Follow Basic Design Principles

For appealing window graphics in Michigan, see that these principles are followed:

  • Alignment
  • Contrast
  • Proximity
  • Color
  • Balance
  • Space

Know Your Expectations:

Pick your images carefully and make them readable. Think about how far away your graphics should be legible if placed indoors. Will your decals always be in good lighting? Is there too much glare from the sun, or will foggy days make them too hard to be read? 

We recommend using dark colors on a light background such as black and whites. Do not use too distracting or crowded images. Use high-quality images for a crisp design.

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