5 Surprising Facts About Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter Signs for Business

Channel letters are individual shapes or letters, single or multiple, to form a sign, word, or message. The letters are usually unique, 3D, lit, and made of metal or acrylic. They are a big, bold, eye-catching, cost-effective option for advertising your business 24/7.

Custom Channel Letter Signs Are All Over

Such As:

  • Restaurants, bars, and pubs with indoor LED channel letter signage.
  • Retail stores, shopping plazas, and malls with storefront channel letters symbolizing their brand and increasing customer traffic.
  • Pole-mounted signage and monument signs for attracting motorists from far away.

2. There Are Four Main Parts to Channel Letter Signs:

  • The return
  • The face
  • The backing
  • The lighting element

3. There Are Four Basic Types of Channel Letters:

  • Front-lit: the face of each channel letter is lit with LED or neon lights.
  • Halo-lit: for a distinguished look, channel letters are illuminated from behind. They do not have a face hence casting halos of light.
  • Front/Back Lit: A combination of front-lit and back-lit for vibrant storefront channel letters.
  • Open Face: With aluminum back and sides and pen-lit with LED. The sign face is clear so that the light from inside can shine through.

4. The 3 Ways of Mounting Channel Letter Signs:

  • The raceway method: Channel letters are mounted on raceways (metal boxes) that store the electrical components of individual letters. They also reduce the number of holes drilled. Raceways are painted to match the surrounding architecture and brand guidelines. 
  • Backer Mount: Illuminated LED channel letter signages are mounted on top of the backer board (metal cabinets). An opening in the building’s front surface can also mount these channel letters and the electrical system.
  • The ‘Direct Mount’ or ‘Flush Mount’ method: The most common method where each letter is mounted directly to the building’s face or wall. Back-lit letters are separated from the surface from standoff spacers. The cost of installation for direct mount usually exceeds that for raceway or backer mounts.

5. Design Can Make or Break Them

The letter sign’s visibility will be affected by color and letter variation. For instance, a letter height of 10-12 inches may have the most impact within 100-120 feet with a max readable distance of 450-525 feet. Font style, thickness, and distance between the letters also affect legibility. These factors are why it’s key to work with a professional who knows how to make the most of a sign using these considerations.

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