5 Reasons Channel Letters Are a Must for Your Outdoor Advertising

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Channel letter signs are known to offer many benefits to businesses, and the best of them is providing a three-dimensional message to audiences. In addition to showcasing the brand name using attractive 3D letters, custom channel letters can be illuminated by using LED lights, making them even more visible. If you want your brand name to stand out, you must include channel letters in your overall signage strategy.

For your business in Michigan to be noticed, investing in the right set of exterior business signs is very important. In a busy marketplace or in high traffic areas, outdoor signs must be highly effective to catch the eyes of your potential customers. Channel letter signs can be very useful when you are looking to expand your customer base.

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Improve Your Brand’s Presence with Channel Letter Signs

If you are using LED channel letters as exterior signs for your business, you will get more traction. When professionally designed and installed, channel letters cannot go unnoticed. Here are five reasons why businesses should invest in channel letters.

  1. Promotes Reliability.

It doesn’t matter if you are running a small store or a big franchise, customers should be able to trust your brand before they make a purchase. When you put up channel letter signs at the front of your business, you look established and professional. Customers find it easy to rely upon your expertise and do not hesitate to make their first purchase.

  1. Boost Brand Awareness.

If your exterior signs don’t showcase your brand effectively, how will customers remember it? Channel letters enable your brand to make a positive first impression and boost brand awareness. With channel letter signs, you can make your business stand above the competition and turn your location into a landmark.

  1. Improve Visibility.

When lit and placed correctly, custom channel letters offer great visibility and can be seen from far distances day or night. But even if you decide not to illuminate the letters, their unique design will still generate a lot of attention for your business.

  1. Customizability.

One of the main reasons that make channel letters so effective is their ability to be customized into any shape or size. If you are working with the right sign company, they can be designed just right to reflect your unique brand elements, without burning a hole in your pocket. You can choose color, size, font, mount, and lighting options, to have a sign that puts your business into the limelight.

  1. Long-Term Investment.

They are well -known for being durable and low-maintenance, channel letter signs can last for many years without much maintenance. If you choose LED channel letters, your business will be visible day and night without affecting the electricity bill much as LED lights are very energy efficient.

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