Custom Banners Accelerate Sales and Promote Your Brand

Sale Banner By Michigan Custom Signs

Have you ever wandered into a store because they had sales banners and signs outside promoting 50% off their entire store? Your answer is most likely yes! A good sale is hard to resist. You are also more likely to enter a store with a professional-looking sign rather than a handwritten sales note in the window. The professionally made sign promotes trust and shows that the company cares about its brand image.

Ways to Promote Your Michigan Business with Custom Banners

Announce your grand opening

If you are opening a new business or a new store location, you need to let the public know. By promoting your grand opening, you will attract a larger audience to attend your event and create buzz for your brand. In turn, this could help you increase sales. By creating a highly attractive and visible sign, you are enticing customers to want to learn more.A great way to promote your grand opening is to order custom vinyl banners to place outside your shop.

Promote a big sale

As mentioned above, banners work exceptionally well to promote sales. Whether you have a retail location in the mall or a location in an outdoor strip mall, sales banners attract foot traffic. If your sign is bold, easy to read, and professional-looking, then people walking or driving by will be enticed to visit your location. If 10,000 people drive by your location each week, that’s 10,000 impressions, and say 15% of those passengers visit your store. That’s 1,500 shoppers a week!  In a month you could have 6,000 shoppers. That’s a large number of impressions for a one-time cost for a few custom vinyl banners. You could be spending thousands of dollars on TV or digital marketing ads and get a few conversions for a higher price. As well, this equation works the same way for businesses at trade show exhibitions. Companies that install trade show banners at exhibitions attract thousands of impressions.  With thousands of potential customers at an event, you are bound to attract lots of sales with a professionally made trade show banner.

Attract more attention

One of the main reasons to work with a professional banner and sign company is to ensure that your sign is attractive, highly visible, easy to read and can withstand harsh weather conditions. You don’t want to have a banner sign that is hard to read or has glare. This will decrease your sign’s readability and customers walking or driving by will not be able to read your message. A professional sign company will know what materials to use to ensure the durability of outdoor signs. When a sign incorporates contrasting colors, brand messaging and professional printing you leave a lasting impression with your customers.

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