5 Reasons to Use Wall Decals for Your Business

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Do you want to give your office space a makeover, but don’t want the hassle or expense or repainting it? Vinyl wall decals are an increasingly popular choice for people who want to refresh their premises, inject fresh energy and creative flair into the office. In this article, we are looking at the top five reasons why you should consider wall decals for your business.

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Reason 1: Make your space your own

Commercial space, whether for offices or retail, tends to come in very neutral colors as standard. It’s basically designed to be an inoffensive blank canvas. Many business owners end up leaving the space feeling sterile, in the process of hurting their brand and company culture. Customized wall graphics turn generic office space into your business’s home! Graphics don’t just differentiate the business from competitors either, they also build a sense of belonging in employees and offer visitors a unique experience.

Reason 2: Motivating staff

Blank walls can lull employees into apathy. Liven up the office with creative graphics that will get their creative juices flowing. Memorable graphics also build a sense of pride towards the business, especially if you showcase achievements and goals with graphics. Another common tactic is to use motivational quotes to remind people of company values and what they are working towards.

The biggest difference between vinyl wall decals and wallpaper? Decals are designed to give your space new energy, wallpaper just covers the walls.

Reason 3: Foster creativity

We touched on it before, but repetition and drab surroundings conspire to end creative processes. However, artistically designed wall murals are a great way to encourage fresh thinking amongst staff. People find inspiration in design, are energized to think differently and come up with innovative solutions. Custom wall decals help inspire creative ideas!

Reason 4: Branding

Graphics in lobbies and customer-facing spaces are great ways to (1) promote the various elements of the brand, such as the logo, and (2) build brand awareness with overarching décor. Remember, decals don’t have to be applied only to walls – they can be installed on the ceiling, on doors and even windows (adding a really cool interactive element to the design).

Decals can be installed as complete wall coverings, partial coverings, and individual cut letters.

Reason 5: Return on investment

Every business needs to ask, “Will this sign deliver value for the business?” With vinyl decals, the answer is a resounding “Yes”! Decals are easy to install (and takedown), inexpensive and long-lasting. They aren’t all form with no function: vinyl is a durable material that protects the wall from day-to-day damage by resisting spills, scratches, and shoe scuffs.

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