Bathroom Signs: Signage that Cannot Be Ignored

Backlit Restroom Sign By Michigan Custom Signs

Comfort is a huge determiner of the customer journey at businesses that receive visitors regularly. Restaurants, conference venues, shopping centres, salons, and many other businesses rely on customer satisfaction for success. And one of the most important facets of ensuring a satisfactory experience is the delicate topic of bathrooms. If people dislike asking for directions, they really don’t like asking where the bathrooms are.

The purpose of bathrooms signs is simple: make access to the facilities clear and obvious. Bathrooms are made easy to find with a combination of wayfinding signage, legible door signs, and ADA restroom signs to increase accessibility. In this article, you will find out what you should keep in mind while designing washroom signs.

Did you know more than 12% of millenials in the U.S. identify as transgender or gender non-conforming, making gender-neutral bathroom signs essential!

Make Sure Your Bathroom Signs Meet These Requirements

Visible and legible

Make sure the signs, installed on the door or on the wall next to it, are sufficiently large. Small signs and dimly lit spaces can make finding the right bathroom difficult. Also, while stylized signs are a great idea, overly complex designs can confuse people about whether they are entering a men’s or women’s bathroom. Of course, if you have gender-neutral bathrooms, that’s not really a concern.


Long gone are the days when signs had to be simple stick figure representations, business owners now design custom signs that match their décor. A lot of establishments also create humorous signs to engage patrons with a memorable experience.


The American with Disabilities Act has made spaces around the country more accessible for those with physical and visual impairments. Legislation specifies the height at which signs must be installed, where they should be installed, appearance requirements, and more. All these requirements make ADA restroom signs extremely legible, making every customer feel welcome at your business.

Leading the way

Visitors need to be led to the restrooms and wayfinding bathroom signs are key to that. A simple arrow with the word “Washrooms” is usually enough to point people if the space is not too large; larger buildings with many doors and corridors will need more elaborate signage. Consider hanging ceiling signs which show not just the way to the restrooms but can also incorporate emergency exit signs mandated by building code.


Don’t be bogged down by standard restroom signs, give wind to your creativity with interesting signs for a more compelling customer journey. Just make sure you don’t lose sight of the basics – that signs must be easy to find.

Talk to Michigan Custom Signs for signs for your washrooms. We work with business owners to design creative signs that are legible and long-lasting. Our team helps customers understand the different options they have and what type of signs perform well in Michigan. Discuss your requirements with a representative today.