Common Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Vehicle Wraps 

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are a great way to give your vehicle an entirely new look, and their affordability and ease of application make them a popular choice among car owners. However, while it may appear simple, applying a vehicle wrap is actually a complex task that requires skill and precision for the best results. If you’re considering getting vehicle wraps near me but aren’t sure where to start or what steps to take in order to get the perfect finish on your ride, then read on! In this post, we’ll discuss some common mistakes often made when applying vehicle wraps so that you can ensure your car has just the look you want without any unpleasant surprises along the way.

Skipping the Cleaning Process

One of the most common mistakes people make when applying vehicle wraps is skipping the cleaning process. It’s essential to clean your car thoroughly before applying the vinyl wrap. Any dirt, dust, or debris left on the surface will prevent the vinyl from sticking properly. Failure to remove these particles can also cause bubbles or wrinkles to form on the surface of the wrap. To clean your car before applying the wrap, wash it with soap and water, and dry it thoroughly. Once it’s dry, use a cleaning solution or alcohol to remove any oil or grease on the surface. Finally, use a lint-free cloth to ensure there’s no dust or residue left on the car.

Not Using the Right Tools

Another common mistake people make when applying vehicle wraps is not using the right tools. You’ll need specific tools such as a squeegee, heat gun, and knife to apply the vinyl wrap properly. Using inadequate or makeshift tools can cause the vinyl to tear, stretch, or wrinkle, affecting the overall appearance. Make sure you invest in quality tools that are designed for vehicle wrap installation. This will keep the vinyl looking professional and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Forgetting the Details

Vehicle wraps are a great way to make your car stand out, but forgetting to wrap the details can detract from the overall look. Avoid forgetting to wrap your door handles, side mirrors, and other small details that may reveal the base paint’s color. Don’t forget to wrap the bottom of tough-to-reach corners such as the lip of the bumper and the inside of doors too. This attention to detail will make your wrap look polished.

Not Thinking Ahead

When applying a vehicle wrap, one of the most crucial steps is to plan ahead. Failing to do so can lead to mismatched seams, stretched vinyl, and a poor-quality finish. Be sure to choose the right vinyl type, finish, and color to fit your vehicle correctly. Take measurements and plan accordingly for the curves and contours of your vehicle. This will ensure a professional-looking, high-quality result that will last for years to come.

Rushing the Process

Finally, many people rush to complete their vehicle wrap installation to save time. This is a critical mistake that can cause several issues, including wrinkles and bubbles in the vinyl, uneven seams, and misplaced graphics. Take your time to complete the installation properly and avoid any shortcuts. Rushing through the installation can lead to costly repairs in the future.


This article has outlined some of the common mistakes to avoid when applying vehicle wraps. As you can see, it is very important to keep in mind every step of the process and make sure that the quality of the material, installation tools, and workmanship is high. Taking extra time and care when wrapping your vehicle will not only help it look great but also ensure that your vehicle wrap lasts for a long time. If you’re looking for an expert in vehicle wraps, Michigan custom signs are a perfect choice. They provide top-notch design and competitive pricing thanks to their years of experience and dedication to excellent customer service. Make Michigan custom signs your go-to source for any vehicle wrap needs! With their help, you’ll be able to avoid making common mistakes so you can achieve the desired result.