Creating a Dynamic, Welcoming Space with Well-Placed Lobby Signs

Get the best Lobby Signs by Michigan Custom Signs

Do you feel that your reception area or waiting room could do more to market your business? When customers wait for you in your office, are they getting a good first impression? It’s likely that when your office was designed that it was created in a cookie-cutter likeness of office design for the year it was built. Michigan Custom Signs can help you remake your company lobby and turn it into a branded space or use it to educate your waiting clients.

How Can Lobby Signs Help My Business?

Your waiting room can do more than just give people a place to sit and wait. You can use well-placed lobby signs to showcase your branding and make a great first impression.

Lobby signs come in many varieties, styles, and types. It’s up to you to decide what is most needed and which material you want to use for your office design.

Logo signs display your branding, name, and style. You can design signage for your office door that lists which days you’re open and your office hours.

The materials and style of the signage you select can help you set a mood from a soothing atmosphere for a physician’s office to a jazzed-up ambiance for the music business.

Custom Lobby Signs

Michigan Custom Signs customizes all of the signs you order. Each is made to your specification, color, size, and style.

Display your logo in your signature colors for visitors to see when they walk into your office, providing you with a stunning centerpiece that will leave a lasting impression and make your space easier to identify for first-time visitors.

Service Provider Lobby Signs

If you are a service provider who needs lobby signs in Rochester Hills, Michigan Custom Signs can help you get the most out of them. They can show you examples of the attractive work they’ve done for other service providers’ lobbies.

While lobby signs are typically only your name, logo, or a combination thereof, you can support it with other signage to easily showcase your featured service programs and how they benefit your customers to create a lobby that’s beautifully branded and engaging.

Connecting with Your Customers

Connect with customers using:

  • Illuminated Signs – Highlight your business with a sign that lights up.
  • Plaques – Display your awards or staff recognition to your visitors using plaques.
  • Acrylic Signs – Make your logo literally stand out from the wall.
  • Metal Lettering – Metallic lettering gives your office permanency and authority.

Want to Find Out More?

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