ADA Signs – Promoting Inclusivity

Get best ADA Signs in Michigan

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that organizations have ADA-compliant signs to help those with disabilities navigate a commercial or public area. They can also convey an inclusive culture that shows that everyone has value and is respected. With Michigan Custom Signs, we work with our customers to deliver ADA-compliant signs that reflect inclusivity.

What is an ADA-Compliant Sign?

The 1990 law provides specific regulations for creating ADA-compliant signs. For example, public spaces must have signs that include a combination of pictograms, tactile text, and braille. All braille signs must use Grade 2 braille. The regulations stipulate such things as:

  • Contrast Ratios
  • Text Fonts
  • Pictogram Standards
  • Braille Standards
  • Text Size
  • Sign Locations

Not every company adheres to the ADA regulations as they should, but that is a mistake. Failure to comply with ADA regulations can result in fines and penalties. Out-of-compliance signs must be corrected which only adds to the cost of the sign. Most ADA-compliant signs fall into three categories:

  • Identification
  • Informational
  • Directional

Regulations also include the placement of signs, including overhead signage.

Identification Signs

The most recognized identification signs are probably bathroom signs. Depending on the sign’s location, they will include pictograms, text, and braille. Designing a sign that incorporates the necessary graphics and text and is aesthetically pleasing can be challenging, especially if a business wants to communicate a consistent brand. Relying on the experts at Michigan Custom Signs ensures that your signs are compliant, professional, and attractive.

Informational Signs

Some informational signs may fall under ADA jurisdiction. For example, signs that show fire escapes or tornado shelters must be ADA-compliant to ensure that differently-abled customers, visitors, or partners know where to go in case of an emergency. Having these informational signs displayed appropriately throughout your business shows your company’s commitment to inclusiveness.

Directional Signs

Helping people find their way while in your building makes for a better customer experience. No one likes to spend time wandering the halls trying to find an office or conference room. Adding ADA components to directional signage gives everyone the same customer experience. 

Incorporating ADA guidelines into directional signs is more than putting an arrow on the sign. It means looking at the size, contrast, and location to ensure that the sign is readily accessible to everyone. Michigan Custom Signs has the experience to ensure that direction signs include the best practices for ADA compliance.

Michigan Custom Signs, Your Trusted Partner in ADA Excellence

ADA-compliant signs can be compliant and still represent your brand. They can even contribute to your company’s story by showing a commitment to an inclusive culture. As an experienced sign manufacturer, Michigan Custom Signs understands how to convey your brand without losing sight of the ADA guidelines. 

Whether it is ADA parking signs or braille signs for hotel room floor numbers, our ADA experts can navigate the regulations, adjusting as needed for changes in lighting to ensure a high-contrast ratio. Our team ensures that state, local, and federal laws are addressed as individual jurisdictions often have added requirements.

ADA signs may be a legal requirement, but they are an effective way to make all visitors and customers to your business feel included. If you need ADA signs in Novi, contact Michigan Custom Signs to speak with our experts.