Custom Vehicle Wraps: Five Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know

Custom Vehicle Wraps for Business

In a brand-saturated world, getting ahead of the competition is becoming increasingly tougher by the day. Entrepreneurs need to get creative in maximizing their marketing budget to make a profit in the long run. Although digital marketing is an excellent means to engage with your target audience and bring more attention to your brand, other traditional methods are equally effective in achieving your business objectives. Fleet wraps are one of them.

Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Guide

  1. What is a vehicle wrap? Fleet wraps are digitally printed vinyl that is affixed to almost all types of motorized vehicles. These transform regular cars into mobile billboards, allowing you to make the most of your existing assets and your daily business errands.
  • What are the different kinds of custom vehicle wraps? Full vehicle wraps cover the entire exterior of your car, which means you have more room to showcase your advertisements. Partial wraps highlight specific portions of your vehicle, such as the hood and door panels. Vinyl graphics are cut-out decals that are typically used to feature your business’s most essential details, such as your trademark and contact information.
  • How effective is a vehicle wrap for business growth? The average American travels 302 miles in a week. As a smart entrepreneur, you can capitalize on this by reaching them while they are stuck in traffic or traversing the roads of Michigan. By driving around town and parking in public places, you can easily generate hundreds, if not thousands, of daily impressions. Plus, when people see your official branding, they will feel at ease that the people onboard are legitimate representatives of the company. This is especially important for businesses that make house calls. 
  • How long does a vinyl vehicle wrap last? If you work with a reputable sign company that will not shortchange you, expect your wraps to last within 5 to 7 years. Premium quality vinyl is resistant to minor scratches and various weather events, allowing you to reap the benefits of your investment for many years. Another perk of having full vinyl wraps is that they protect the original paint job of your vehicles. It’s easy to convert them back into their original look if needed.
  • Where to find the best vehicle wrap in Michigan? If you want impressive, eye-catching, and long-lasting vinyl car wraps, go for Michigan Custom Signs. Our talented team of signage specialists will help you select the perfect wrap, design elements, communication strategy, and other details that will make your marketing investment a success. We only use top-of-the-line materials and equipment to produce exceptional quality wraps each and every time.

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