Preparing Your Wall for Wall Murals: A Step-By-Step Guide

Wall murals

Wall murals were once only hand-painted creations brought to life by extremely talented artists. Depending on the intricacy of the design and size of the wall, these can take up to several days to complete. These can be laborious, time-consuming, and expensive. Thanks to modern technology, custom wall murals are easier to produce and install and cost a lot less.

General Steps for Wall Mural Preparation

Treating and preparing your wall is crucial to ensure that the vinyl will properly adhere to it. By minimizing or fixing surface defects, the mural will not detract from the application. 

  1. Peel off the previous wall covering.
  2. Remove all traces of paint, if there are any.
  3. All surface defects must be fixed. This includes patching nail holes and mending cracks.
  4. Detach all switch plates, light fixtures, picture hooks, and outlet plates.
  5. Clean any remaining dirt, grease, or paste with warm water and gentle detergent.
  6. If needed, paint the wall with two coats of primer or paint.

Why Should You Invest in Vinyl Murals?

  • Boost Customer Experience: An establishment’s ambiance contributes to the experience that your customers have. For example, you run a Thai restaurant. Your mural design can feature scenic views and tourist spots in Thailand. This will make your customers feel as if they have been transported to a different place and that they are enjoying authentic local food.

  • Improves Productivity: When installed in an office setting, murals can induce positive feelings so that your employees feel more happy and productive. You can display motivational quotes, affirmations, and other fun details. Michigan Custom Signs can even help you select the perfect hues based on the principles of color psychology for maximum efficacy.
  • Versatile: Vinyl wall displays are highly customizable, making them the marketing tool to showcase your brand’s unique story and personality. Let’s say you want your target audience to learn more about the production process of your artisan chocolates and how the company supports local cacao farmers. Our graphic artists can create beautiful illustrations that narrate these.
  • Creates online buzz: It’s common for consumers these days to visit establishments with cool and artistic murals and decorations intentionally. As a smart entrepreneur, you must capitalize on this by investing in impressive and picture-worthy murals. When that happens, people are likely to upload images of your place on their social media profiles, exposing your business to more potential customers

Where to Get Extraordinary Wallpaper Murals in Michigan?

Michigan Custom Signs is a top-rated sign company that offers premium quality visual communication solutions. Our team of experts can help transform your bare walls into something spectacular and pleasing to the eyes. By implementing a collaborative approach, we are able to capture your branding requirements and design preferences. Since we only use top-notch materials and tools, you can have the confidence that they will last for many years to come. Are you an interior designer that needs wall murals created for your projects? Michigan Custom Signs can help you out as well.

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