The Benefits of Directional Signage for Any Industry

Directional Signs

If you have an office building or a medium-sized or large-sized building used for any purpose, it’s a good idea to consider adding directional signage. Directional signs can take the confusion out of finding someone’s office or department. Buildings, for instance, medical buildings, often have confusing hallways filled with offices that all look the same. Visitors to your building may find it confusing to reach your office.

This means there is a lot of wasted time when you have meetings or group events, and it also puts visitors in a bad mood because they’re so confused. If visitors have trouble finding where they need to go, your employees have to take time out of their already busy days to give people directions.

Custom Directional Signs

Every company has unique signage needs. That’s because each business is unique, and buildings are unique too, requiring custom directional signs. Directional signs include a collection of sign types including:

  • Elevator or lobby directories
  • Signage on each floor pointing to numbered or named offices
  • Office door or office signs to identify an office
  • Ceiling signs hanging down for intermediary directions
  • Wall signs for department directories or lists of office holders
  • Door signs or ceiling signs for departments or groups

When people are looking for an office, these signs are a big help and give them the confidence they are going in the right direction.

Custom Wayfinding Signs

Directional signs aren’t only used inside office buildings. They’re also needed outdoors as well. Think of times you’re driving on a highway and use signage to find the right exit. Other uses outdoors include outdoor attractions, parks, street signs, community signs, and more.

Anytime you need a sign to direct people or traffic, you are describing a custom wayfinding sign.

Outdoor Directional Signs

There are several uses for outdoor directional signs beyond street signs or highway exit signs. Signs often welcome visitors to a city or town. Sometimes directional signs feature a specific festival or event being held locally. Another common usage is a pole sign listing local attractions in busy areas.

Many outdoor signs are for the benefit of travelers who are visiting, to help them find scenic spots or historical landmarks in the regional area. Sometimes directional signs also display branding that the city has adopted. While you may not notice them when driving in familiar areas, there are directional signs for visitors where you live and work.

How Much is Too Much with Directional Signage?

It’s really difficult to have too many directional signs. This is true for inside office buildings and also for outdoor signage. People can easily miss some of the signs that you have. People are often distracted, either not paying attention or not listening. No matter how good the initial directions are, some people don’t remember what they just heard or saw. If you aren’t sure about how many directional signs to put up in your location, you can learn more when you contact us.