The Benefits of using Floor Graphics for your Business

Floor Graphics

You’ve probably seen your share of colorful, informative floor graphics during your visits to shops, malls, and other commercial facilities without necessarily thinking about their applications for your own business. However, the right custom floor graphics could benefit your enterprise in many ways. Take a look at a few such benefits.

Floor Graphics Point the Way

Custom floor graphics can guide your visitors and customers through complex hallways, aisles and other routes to ensure that they reach their destination without stress or frustration. This helps you make more sales and provide better overall service for your target market. In particularly puzzling layouts such as hospitals and office complexes, floor graphics can make all the difference between getting where you need to go and getting lost.

Floor Graphics Catch the Eye

Most people don’t expect their eyes to be greeted by colorful, imaginative custom floor signs such as a pair of feet showing the way to the information desk or arrows pointing toward different departments. Even if your customers originally came in looking for something else (or nothing in particular), those graphics could inspire them to browse your other products and services. You might even set out custom floor signs in the form of hopscotch tiles or cartoon characters that point younger customers toward their favorite toys, books, and games.

Floor Graphics Promote Your Brand

Ideally, all your marketing efforts, including your signage, should reflect and support your brand. Custom floor signs that sport your company colors, logo, and font styles reinforce your brand image for first-time visitors and regular customers alike. Custom floor signs can also promote specific aspects of your image, such as recent awards that your business or employees have won, the latest special offers, and mottos or catchphrases that define your mission, values, and vision.

Floor Graphics Free Up Square Footage

Graphics adhered to the floor are made to be stood on and walked over. Your employees and customers can therefore move through your facility much more easily than if you’d placed physical obstacles such as stand up signs all over the building. The use of floor signs as opposed to stand up signs also frees your cleaning crew to get their work done more quickly and efficiently. Best of all, you’ll have more space to set up new displays, kiosks, and furnishings as needed, allowing you to get more flexible use out of your facility.

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