How Directional Signs Boost Customer Engagement

Backlit Directional Sign By Michigan Custom Signs

If used correctly, directional signs can do more than just guide visitors to their intended destination. Look beyond their role as just wayfinding signs and you will find them an exciting tool to engage customers. Like any other eye-catching signage, these too can be used to increase engagement and drive leads. Find out how you can use guiding signs, like arrow signs, ceiling signs, floor signs, tabletop signs, and more to convert visitor traffic into sales.

  1. Influence buying patterns

When people visit a store – whether to make a specific purchase or window shop – there is an opportunity to get into their psyche and drive other purchases. Use in-store signs to guide people to areas with clearance and on-sale items and highlight new products. If you are able to guide customer movement, you can influence them to make additional purchases.

  • Create a sense of urgency

A study by Nielsen found that changeable signage like digital signs increased sales by nearly one-third. A big part of the reason was that the promotions created a sense of urgency, encouraging impulse buys. Messaging like “Limited Edition” and “Sale Today Only” has a powerful effect on customers. Use outdoor directional signs to guide people towards your business; once they are inside use indoor custom directional signs to lead them straight to the promoted products and complete the customer journey.

  • Cut queuing

The age of social distancing has demonstrated that people dislike waiting in line – the longer people have to wait, the greater the chances of them falling out of the sales funnel. Use the intelligently placed arrow, “Stand here” and “… minutes until you are served” signs to take the uncertainty out of waiting in line. Make no mistake, insufficient customer engagement during waiting can lead to failed sales.

  • Branding

Brand building through custom directional signs may not seem like a way to boost engagement but it is. Branded signs in a shopping center or strip mall promote the brand while leading customers to the business. They help make the store more noticeable while acting as location markers.

  • Retain customers

Wayfinding signs help create a seamless, smooth, and consistent customer journey. This has a profound effect on people, who appreciate a frustration-free and clear experience at a business. If not immediately, this goodwill will help the business engage more frequently with the customer as he or she chooses it over competitors.

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