Outdoor Business Signs Are a Smart Investment

Restaurant Storefront Sign By Michigan Custom Signs

Why are outdoor signs a smart investment? For starters, they offer a bold first impression for your customers. Second, they help drive foot traffic. Third, they allow your business to be seen all the time.  Exterior signs work even better when they are visible during the day and throughout the night. If you install an illuminated sign, you receive 24/7 exposure.

Why Businesses Are Installing Custom Exterior Signs in Michigan

Build Trust

Improve your sales by building a strong brand presence. By portraying a consistent brand image, customers will begin to trust you. They will also start to recognize your brand and you will start to become top of mind.

Build a Professional Image

Installing custom exterior signs portrays a professional brand image. You incorporate your brand colors and corporate identity and really bring your brand to life. Lastly, you help to build a unified brand image. You want consistency in your services and your image. If you are offering high-level financial services, but you lack a professional brand image, it does not convey a consistent message. Your potential customers will wonder about the quality of service you offer if you care so little about how you portray yourself. 

Stand Out from Your Competitors

Having a local business can be very competitive. Maybe you own a restaurant, a retail store, a professional service business or a recreational business. Either way, you realize standing out from your competitors can be hard. One way to create a bold impression is to opt for a custom business sign. Custom business signs can be created exactly to your liking.

What’s the Best Sign for My Business?

Channel letters

Channel letters are three-dimensional letters that are individually placed beside each other to spell out your company name. You can fully customize them to match your brand’s color and font. As well, they can be backlit or front-lit and provide unlimited exposure to your business. They also stick out vertically from the building and have a 3D effect. Making them very visible for anyone walking or driving by. They are commonly used at retail locations, restaurants, and shopping malls and are bold outdoor signs.

Custom Address Signs

Let your customers easily find your business by adding an exterior address sign. Have your unit number and company name displayed on a sign outside your location. This will help to easily navigate customers into your space. It also adds a level of professionalism. It shows that you care about your customers’ well-being.

Fascia Signs

These are signs with bold individual lettering that spell out your company name. You can add your corporate ID and request branded font and colors. Fascia signs are commonly seen on the exterior of sports stores, office buildings, and retail locations.

Awning Signs

Awnings signs are a great investment for a business. They are made of fabric and provide a cozy look for your restaurant or retail business. They are placed above your storefront and provide protection in harsh weather conditions. 

Not sure what sign is the best investment for your business? Talk to the specialists at Michigan Signs for information on custom business signs in Michigan.