Acrylic Sneeze Guards will safeguard your employees and clients.

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Clear acrylic shields have been sprouting up at shops, restaurants, convenience stores and service-based businesses across Michigan. These clear guards are vitally important for protecting customers and employees from the spread of novel coronavirus. We explain what these are, the different types, how they work and whether you need them at your business.

Acrylic sneeze guards are also commonly called plexiglass shields.

What are acrylic sneeze guards?

These are clear shields that are installed at checkouts, between tables at restaurants, and at other places where a physical barrier can be created between people without affecting movement. These shields are like the glass that separates tellers from customers at a bank. Though called sneeze guards, these shields stop droplets from coughing and even speaking from being transferred to the person opposite you.

Do you need clear shields and social distancing signs for your business?

Yes, businesses across Michigan are expected to take reasonable precautions to help stop the spread. The  Covid-19 Workplace Guidelines issued by the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration make it the employer’s duty to keep staff safe from exposure. And physical barriers are one of the most effective ways of reducing the risk of transmission of the infection.

Social distancing signs, such as reminding shoppers to stand at least six feet apart, are vital for crowd control too. They also take the hassle out of queuing and inform customers of new hours and capacity restrictions.

How do clear acrylic shields help?

Acrylic shields have been used in many industries, such as food services, long before the pandemic struck. They isolate spills, reduce contamination and provide a physical barrier which the novel coronavirus is unable to penetrate.

Clear shielding is vital for businesses that are looking to reopen safely, allowing them to get the business to a normal functioning state. By using shielding, businesses can:

  • Protect employees behind checkout counters from customers potentially carrying the infection
  • Make full use of the dining area, without having to worry about six-foot separation
  • Promote physical distancing at the premises
  • Provide a more secure environment for employees

Sneeze guard glass stops droplets expelled while talking, sneezing and coughing from being transferred to the person opposite you.

Types of Clear Acrylic Guards

Clear acrylic guards are customizable for different spaces and applications. They are available in convenient sizes and shapes; we also accept custom orders for non-standard applications.

  • Fixed/Static shields
  • Portable guards
  • Countertop sneeze guards
  • Hanging shields

Why You Need to Buy Shields from a Trusted Manufacturer

At Michigan Custom Signs we are recognized for affordable protective acrylic guards that do not compromise on quality. Businesses trust our sneeze guards because they are:

  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Clear optically
  • Can be customized to your brand
  • Easy to install and do not require specialized mounting
  • Available immediately

The Best Sneeze Guard Glass in Michigan

We are helping businesses adapt their premises for the new normal with custom branded social distancing signage and custom-designed clear shields. Talk to a representative to discuss your requirements. We accept large sign and shield orders.